What would Morticia Addams knit?

I have finally finished the Wartime Farm sleeveless pullover. It took a whole lot of knitting, and I don’t think I’ve ever completed a full-sized garment for an adult so quickly. I was knitting for around three hours a day, even on work days, and to be honest was pretty drained by the end of it, but I’d wanted to finish it in time for my next Simply Knitting column. It feels good to have finished it!

Now I’m back to working on my navy late 40s/early 50s cardigan, and the experience of pushing myself to complete the tank top has been valuable. I know I can manage a lot of knitting in a relatively short time if I put some effort in (and force Mr Robot to do the cooking!). All the same, I’ll take things a bit easier for a while and enjoy my crafting. And, indeed, make time to read for pleasure, sew, and do all the crafts I’ve had to shunt to one side for a few weeks.

 One thing that’s going to be fun is my latest knitting swap on Ravelry, an Addams Family-themed swap. I’m having fun trying to think of things the Addamses would make and give. I’ve got some lovely fuzzy alpaca laceweight that would make a perfect pair of Addams-y mitts. When clearing out the spare room so our friends could stay for Steamcheese, I realised I have an embarrassing amount of yarn. I actually feel ashamed when I think of it. I tend to buy it in sales, terrified that OMG THERE WILL BE NO MORE EVER and need to get it through my head that I knit very slowly, and by the time I’ve finished one item, there will still be plenty of cheap wool for sale if my stash ever runs low. (Unlikely.) On the plus side, I’ve got a really wide choice of stuff to turn into knits for my swap partner.

I’ve got some suitable sombre fabrics for crafting with too, as I always fancied making a quilt like Uncle Fester’s in the films and bought fat quarters here and there... even though I don’t have a sewing machine! When I get one, that will be an ideal first project as it’s all squares, so would mean lots of practice at getting the right tension and sewing straight lines.

What do you think Morticia would knit? Not including three-legged babygros, of course; that may be what she did knit in the original drawings and the film, but I can’t imagine my swap partner getting much use out of it. Perhaps she’d make a new cobwebby shawl for Grandma Addams. Hmm. What would Morticia knit?


  1. Best not ask what she'd knit, really! Something slinky and glamorous in a cobweb design would be the preferable option, certainly.
    Well done on the jumper, I love Fair Isle but I'm no knitter, sewing's my thing. I'm very impressed with the skill involved in something as complicated as that.

    1. Sewing always really impresses me. I'm hoping to learn to sew. Great British Sewing Bee got my husband keen on the idea, so a sewing machine is somewhere in my future! I doubt I'll be making much that's actually wearable for some time, though.

      Fair isle's not as complicated as it looks, though it takes longer for me than one-colour knitting.

    2. If you can, buy a Husqvarna, even a good old one which has been serviced is better than many of the modern machines around. My friend got a great one from the 70's from ebay last year. Don't waste your moeny on a cheapo thing either because it's pointless in the long run. A Bernina's good but they are rather expensive. You want a sturdy workhorse that doesn't shy from heavy fabrics. If you can, make sure you have a shot at what you buy first, too.


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