Thursday, 2 July 2020

Slow Fashion Season under way

Slow Fashion Season is under way once more! If you missed it last year, it's a way to help avoid buying fast fashion – you pledge not to buy from fast fashion brands. Vintage and secondhand is fine, home made is fine, and this year because of the impact of covid-19 they're okay with buying from small, local, sustainable fashion labels (handy if you've been eyeing up any Black-owned small fashion brands in the light of Black Lives Matter).

I've signed up, though I am slightly regretting it, because after months in lockdown I am very fed up of my clothes, not helped by the fact that a lot of mine don't fit too well right now thanks to the lockdown weight gain, so the joy I was taking in trying things on for the first time in ages has waned rather. However if a challenge is easy, would it really be a challenge? And to be honest, I don't think I want new clothes so much as a change. After all these weeks, we're probably all ready for something different, even if it's just a trip to a different town. Travelling's not likely to happen, of course, so I'm just going to have to get the machine out and sew more!

If you fancy joining in Slow Fashion Season, click on the link at the start of the first paragraph.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Guess the decade!

A head-and-shoulder portrait of a redheaded woman in a pale green dress with a navy and white print.The dress, not me. I’m happy to confirm I was released in 1974.

I got this dress on eBay last month. I thought it looked late 60s/early 70s, especially given the geeometric print, and I really liked the colours, but now I’ve got it, I’m not so sure of that date. For one thing, the collar’s quite small, and even though this was – let’s be truthful – not a trendy garment when it was made, I’d have expected it to be larger, in keeping with the fashionable dagger collars of the day. And that made me wonder… is this from the 80s, designed for older ladies but with a nod to styles of 20 years earlier because that's what they were comfortable with? The label’s no help; it simply says ‘Deenie of London’. The seams are raw, not overlocked.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Cosy up with something steamy [books]

Generally I’m not a fan of too many supernatural elements in my steampunk – I do prefer it to lean towards alternate history, to play with possible technologies and contain a hefty shot of reality. I’m also not generally a fan of romance in stories, being a bigger fan of derring-do. Because of all that, I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed Gail Carriger’s ‘Parasol Protectorate’ series of novels. I liked the five novels so much I read her two other series, ‘Finishing School’ (four books) and ‘The Custard Protocol’ (also four volumes) straight afterwards.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

New dress sort-of joy

Yesterday was one of the hardest deadlines I've had in a long time – issue 177 of one of my magazines is over 75% thicker than usual so I've had a LOT of extra work on (last week I worked late every evening and did all weekend, for example). Anyway, it meant I didn't do much that wasn't work. But that deadline is now done, and I'm feeling much bouncier already, and finally decided to brave wearing the dress I finished making a few weeks ago.

I say 'brave', how much courage does it take to wear something only Mr Robot will see?

Monday, 1 June 2020

Black lives matter

A serious post today.

Sometimes vintage lovers are accused of living in the past, but I don't see that – we know our recent (100 years or so) history better than the average person, and that means its good sides and bad. You can't listen to Billie Holliday, or watch the films of Lena Horne, or dance to Motown, or have an interest in WWII history and not know the struggle they and other Black people had. It's to society's shame that the struggle is still ongoing.

I've been thinking hard about how I can do better to create a more just world. I don't have a lot of power, but I have some: it's there in who I follow online, where I shop, how I interact, what I campaign for. And so I'm going to put more thought into that, and act on it.

Monday, 25 May 2020

We had joy, we had fun...

...We had sherry in the sun!

As mentioned in my previous post, last week we should have been having sherry in the sun in Malaga, which the 'rona knocked squarely on the head. Still, we made the most of our lovely garden. We've put in some new plants, and the tomatoes are thriving. Yesterday we whipped up some Spanish food and sat outside enjoying it all. (I even managed to take a nice photo of it, with no view of the washing line or the terrace that backs onto ours. Heh.)

Friday, 15 May 2020

Things I haven’t done

Besides posting here, there are a few things I haven’t done or won’t be doing this month. Didn’t go to see Nick Cave in Cardiff at the start of May. (The gig's been rescheduled for next year.) Won’t be going to Malaga at the end of it. (We're quite relieved we hadn't got round to booking our big September holiday either, as that'd probably have to be abandoned too. In fact, I didn’t go anywhere that wasn’t Tesco, the butcher, or a one-mile loop through town for exercise. Still haven’t put the buttons on the dress I’m making. This month is looking like an awful lot of NO.