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Toulouse or not Toulouse? That is the Carcassonne!

I really loved the buildings with visible timbers.  Because I've been a Bad Blogger for months, I haven't posted about our September trip. After our visit to Maastricht in May, I wanted to go somewhere new to us, but not necessarily challenging – somewhere we'd cope with the language and the lifestyle wouldn't be radically different. Mr Robot's always wanted to visit Carcassonne, flights go direct from Bristol to Toulouse, so it made sense to fly to Toulouse and spend a few days there, then spend a few in Carcassonne. Toulouse is known as 'the pink city', and it is gorgeous. The buildings are mostly of pale terracotta brick, and a lot have balconies painted the prettiest pastel blue. And it is literally  pastel blue; 'pastel' is French for woad, which was grown locally, and you see the beautiful greyish-blue everywhere. It's quite a wealthy city – Airbus has its headquarters there, and it's a hub of the aerospace industry – and is also home t

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