Monday, 17 September 2018

Been to That London

The Liberty store, LondonSaturday saw me off to London again, to visit my friend Sam once more. Because we're about to go into my busy period at work, I probably won't see her now until the New Year. Of course, the British railways being what they are, I was sensible and pre-booked a ticket to get it cheap... and then the staff on that part of the network (South West Trains) decided to have a day's strike, so I had to get my money back and book a more expensive one with Great Western. And because part of the South West network wasn't running, everyone had to use the same route, which meant the train was heaving and I had to stand all the way to London.

I have travelled on trains in Europe, I have travelled on trains in Asia, and British trains are the worst. By far the most expensive, and definitely the least reliable.

Anyway, I got there.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The fear of looking like a sofa

Most years at work we get a bonus; it's usually announced in September and given out in December. This year it's coming in the end of September paycheque, and it's enough that I will still spend a load of it on Christmas presents, but I can also treat myself this year. Years ago, when I worked on Simply Knitting, I used to write the 'get the look' sort of panels and trends pages (I know, someone trusted me to write fashion bits!) and still have access to a lot of press sites so can see the high street shops' big releases. Monsoon is bringing out this lovely jacquard trouser suit which I crave, but I'm not sure if the fabric – black with large blue flowers – will make someone of my squashy build look like a sofa. And the trousers are skinny, which I really suspect are a definite no-no. Augh.

Friday, 7 September 2018

New India-set historical drama for ITV

The old Cathedral in Kolkata
Yes, it's Kolkata. I haven't been to Delhi! (Yet…)
It's a little out of the usual scope of this blog, time-wise, but I know it's going to interest a fair few people who drop by the Robot from time to time. ITV's announced a new historical drama, Beecham House, set in Delhi at the turn of the 19th century before the British rule, but when there were a fair few Brits kicking around the subcontinent. It's written and directed by Gurinder Chadha, who's stated: "I grew up with Raj dramas like Jewel In The Crown, The Far Pavilions and A Passage To India. Beecham House is my chance to tell those stories from a British Asian perspective." William Dalrymple and Shahrukh Husain are acting as historical consultants, and filming started in August.

Monday, 3 September 2018

It does not fail to please

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: I have finished a knitted thing! The pattern is 'It Cannot Fail To Please', a 1930s design from A Stitch In Time vol 1. I started this back in February 2016, and finally sewed the second sleeve on last night. I guess if knitting things takes me so long, at least my hobby is good value for money...

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Simplicity 8246: the return!

 Over the Bank Holiday weekend I finally got round to finishing my second attempt at Simplicity 8246, a reprinted 1960s pattern. And this time I'm happy enough with it to wear it to work!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Cast on: a 60s cardigan

1964 knitting pattern from Woman's Weekly.
Is is a cardigan or is it a jacket? To be honest it's halfway between the two. Over the long weekend I decided I was finally going to cast something on for myself, and began this woolly from a pattern that was given away free with Woman's Weekly in 1964. They may have called it 'Clever With Colour' but I'm knitting it in mid grey with silver flecks. I thought the bobbles round the edges would acquire a 'world of tomorrow' look knitting in the slightly metallic fabric.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

A Peggy Page jacket

Last weekend I went to the Classic Car Boot Sale (see previous post) and despite promising myself I'd wait to see if my weight loss plan paid off before buying any new clothes, I couldn't resist this jacket on Kinky Melon's stall. It's actually several sizes too small – there's no way it's closing but thanks to my small bones it's fine across the back. It's very light in weight, so I plan to use it as a smart alternative to a cardigan rather than as a functional jacket. I haven't worn this dress for a couple of years as I've been worried that my tummy was too prominent in it, but looking at the photo it's not my stomach that's my most obvious feature...