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  Another year older, and my first lockdown birthday. Actually, I had a really good day. I'd been saying to Mr Robot for a while that I really wished we had photobooks of our travels, because hard copies just feel more durable than files on a computer. So he secretly spent weeks putting together a whole set of photobooks for me! Just flicking through them brings back so many memories: the feeling of sun on skin, the taste of amazing food, the scent of flowers or old dusty buildings...we've rather optimistically renewed our passports this week, but whether we'll be able to go away for our 20th wedding anniversary later this year is anyone's guess. At least I can travel via my books. He also got me some fancy bubble bath (when times get tough, I hit the tub) and lingerie with tigers on it. Not tiger-pattern, whole tigers in the embroidery. Being childish, I did start singing "That's neat, that's neat, that's neat, that's neat, I really love your tiger

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