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Same but different

It's October! And that means I made it all the way through Slow Fashion Season without buying any fast fashion. To be honest, this year most of us probably got through that three-month period without needing any new clothes. The black velour tunic I'm wearing in this photo was one of the garments that got me properly into charity shopping, so I've had it some years, and it was secondhand when I got it. It's St Michael, so 1990s at the latest. (I suspect it dates from the very late 90s as I've got some other velour stuff from back then; Marks' went all-out for it.) The point of the photo was really to show off my hair. Deprived of a trim every six weeks, it's getting pretty long now. A friend reckoned I should just go all-out pre-Raphaelite and I have to admit, I'm tempted – a bit of me's always been a sucker for de Morgan ceramics and Morris wallpaper, and at least going full-on Lady Of Shallott will mean I'll have long skirts to keep my legs wa…

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