Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Phone? Home!

A hand holding a broken phone.
Hullo lovelies! How are you keeping? I know from the blogs I read that most of us are in isolation right now – and it looks like those of us with gardens are getting into tackling them. Every year I vow that I’m going to do the garden properly, but this might be the year I actually achieve it. Going out and grubbing up weeds, replanting pots, is a fantastic break from the news and the constant stream of AAARGH! on social media.

While I was gardening last week I dropped my phone. Now for years I’ve been dropping phones from great heights and they’ve always survived. How impressively robust, eh? This time it fell about a foot out of my pocket and the screen is horribly shattered. It still works. Apple will charge £130 to replace it, EE (my service provider) want £100 up front just to ‘upgrade’ early. So my plan was to get Timpsons to do it – I didn’t realise till I broke the screen that they did phone repairs, as I think of them as a cobbler and key-cutter – as they’ll only charge £50. Only like everywhere else, they’re now closed, so who knows when the phone will be fixed? I think Fate wants me to stop stressing myself out on social media and has kindly made my phone less available!

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Psyched for work!

A redheaded woman in a psychedelic topFollowing on from my last post, it looks like I'm no longer alone in working from home – most of the western world's doing it now. And I'm happy to report I have not gone completely feral, either. Daily Google Hangouts with the Official PlayStation Magazine team mean I've been putting makeup on and dressing fairly nicely.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Work smart?

A 1930s photo of a woman and a vaccuum cleaner
1930s housewear. Nice!
Any hopes of me looking good have gone right out of the window!

As a precaution, the firm I work for has asked us all to work from home for the next fortnight, which is no problem for me as I do it about once a week. It's good for my anxiety to have a break from the noise of the office and just to be able to get my head down without noise or distractions. However, it's fair to say I let myself go a bit on the days I'm working from home. I do get dressed, but probably not as nicely as I do for work – trousers and a simple top mainly – and I don't tend to bother with makeup unless I know I've got a Google Hangout planned. It makes me respect the glamorous home-based bloggers I know all the more.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Brighter blues

A redheaded woman in a blue and green floral top against an orange background. The woman is looking into the camera and smiling.
Right! I haven’t shown you my latest make yet, which is very remiss of me. It’s yet another sleeveless shirt.

Monday, 2 March 2020

A deco dinner at Brasserie Zedel

Last weekend Mr Robot took me to Brasserie Zedel for my birthday. I've wanted to go there for so long – perhaps it's a bit of a cliche among vintage lovers, but I don't care. There's always room for a little deco-dence in my life. The building it's housed in was once the Regent Palace hotel, in its day the largest hotel in Europe. Despite the fact it was a listed building, most of the hotel was demolished in the 21st century. The V&A bought and kept the entrance, and below ground Brasserie Zedel occupies the former Grill Room, the Bar Americain is in the original 1930s bar, and the former billiard room is now Le Crazy Coq's cabaret, the interior recreated from 1930s architectural drawings. How could that not appeal to us?

The day began with a few hiccups. The train before ours was cancelled and so our seat reservations were cancelled so we had to stand most of the way to London, and when we arrived at our hotel something had cut out all the electricity in the area. We bimbled across Hyde Park to the V&A so I could see Queen Victoria's sapphire coronet, which was acquired for the jewellery collection last year, then returned to the hotel. Still no electricity. I redid my makeup by the window as dusk fell, and got changed by it hoping no-one was looking down (we were in the basement), and was a little disgruntled when we arrived at Zedel. But it was so lovely walking down the stairs into that marvellous entrance area that by the time we reached the Bar Americain I was 'gruntled' once more.

Friday, 28 February 2020


 It was my birthday on Wednesday, and in keeping with my constant tardiness nowadays I'm only now posting about it. I've had mixed feelings about turning 46, but they're not really anything to do with how I feel in myself, so much as how society perceives women of middle age and older. It wants us to go away, to retreat. Grrrrr! So here I am, being visibly 46!

Mr Robot spoiled me rotten, as always. The silent film DVD and vintage crime novel here are from my brother, but the rest is from him. I was really chuffed with the gifts from my brother. I went to see The Lodger at the cinema years ago, but fell asleep by the end (for some reason I went through a phase when I just couldn't stay awake in the warm darkness of the cinema). So now I actually get to see whether the phwoarsome Ivor Novello was indeed the Ripper-style murderer or just a misunderstood hottie loner. I've got a number of crime novels by Freeman Wills Crofts, but that one is new to me. Very much looking forward to reading it.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020