Thursday, 29 June 2017

June continues to suck

My lovely mum is in hospital with viral pneumonia. I'm glad she's had a diagnosis, and that her friend nagged her into calling the out-of-hours service - she's been on a full oxygen mask, and I suspect would have died if she'd carried on trying to sleep off her ilness. Hoorah for good friends and the NHS. Anyway, I'll see you in July, and I promise I'll have a blogoversary giveaway for you, and hopefully a resumption of normal blogging service!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Not ded, just busy

Sorry about the silence – I have MADE IT THROUGH E3 WEEK! E3 is the massive games convention in Los Angeles, and was held last week. All the new videogames are there, a lot of the big news comes out then... and I had a 68-page E3 supplement deadline on Friday, and the main mag deadline for Official PlayStation yesterday. That meant a couple of evenings working, and not much time to do anything interesting.

Mr Robot and I did go for a long, very drunken, tapas crawl on Saturday. It was a good way to clear my head. We'd come into Bath for The Vintage Home Show, and had a poke round all the beautiful furniture and homewares on offer. We didn't see anything that really fitted in with our house, though that's to be expected as ours is more 'Victorian explorer' than anything else. (We thought we might find plates or kitchenware, but nothing shrieked 'Buy me!') Anyway, once we'd seen that we decided to stay in the city, and it turned out Pintxo has a lovely little courtyard out the back, with flamenco music playing. We couldn't neglect dropping into Ole Tapas, and then Tapas Revolution was right by the train station... This is why 'tapear', to go for tapas, is a Spanish verb!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Not altogether ooky

Last night Mr Robot took me to see The Addams Family at the Theatre Royal in Bath. I'm a big Addams Family fan, so even though the musical has had mixed reviews, I was keen to see it for myself.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Outfit post: Spaaaaaaace caaaaaats!

It's Unsuitable Deadline Day purchase time again! I have a list of things that would be genuinely useful for my wardrobe: a black jersey dress, chestnut brogues or loafers, plain navy top, white bra that actually fits… so what do I buy? A dress designed for someone fifteen years younger and four stone lighter than I am.

But look: space cats! It's got little astronaut cats coming out of space capsules, and other mogs in party hats celebrating.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Crinoline Robot's vintage week

My mojo is returning, slowly. I'm still knitting, slowly, and I've been organised enough to write and post a letter to Marija. I've even remembered that my embroidery is in my trunk so a bit more of that might get done one day! I made it through my print deadlines with only one Deadline Desperation purchase, a dress with cats dressed as astronauts on. (Yes, there will be photos.) My next deadline for OPM clashes with E3, the big international games convention in LA. As a vast chunk of the mag will be devoted to things on show at E3, all that will be coming in at the last minute so I will be stressed, stressed, STRESSED. Expect no blog posts and more novelty shopping mid-June. On a more sensible shopping front, last weekend I got some legging things to wear for the gym, though I still haven't got round to joining said gym. I'm not that organised.