Friday, 25 January 2019

Thinking about clothes colours

A woman in a red cardigan, dark blue top and cream skirt with red and navy print.
I'm still not bored of this outfit. You'll see it again this summer.
Perhaps it’s because of sewing that this has only just hit me, but I’ve never really thought about the colours of the clothes in my wardrobe. Browsing fabrics the other day – I know I don’t need any more Liberty fabric, but this season’s ‘Jude’ print is the perfect 60s-does-deco design – I was trying to work out my favourite colourway, and it hit me that the one I liked best probably wasn’t the one I’d wear.

Why? Not enough things to wear it with.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Haven't got time to do a big post on this one but... The Great British Sewing Bee is returning to telly on the 12th of February. I hadn't thought they were making any more series, so I am VERY pleased with this. Perhaps it will inspire me! I'm sure half the reason Mr Robot bought me a sewing machine last year was because Sewing Bee got him interested in the technical side of making things.


Monday, 21 January 2019

Project: reupholstering the blanket box

A blanket box covered in fabric with black and white pictures of space rockets
The finished blanket box! (In the dining room, not my bedroom.)
Social-media-free Sundays are definitely working for me. I had planned to do some sewing yesterday, but on Saturday Mr Robot and I walked past the local fabric shop, and it had some discounted upholstery fabric in the window, including some with classic science fiction movie posters and book covers reproduced in monochrome, for just £5 a metre. And I knew exactly what it would be perfect for...

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts [TV]

Silversmith Bryony in her Victorian studio
As much as I’ve loved a lot of the ‘Back In Time’ programmes, I haven’t been watching Back In Time For School because I hated school and Mr Robot would rebel if I tried to make him watch anything mostly featuring children. The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts, which started last Friday, is much more our sort of thing. It’s got social history, which I love, and making things, which we both love. I like creating things for myself, but Mr Robot really likes craft competition programmes. The Great British Bake Off is a must-watch and we really miss The Great British Sewing Bee and The Great British Pottery Throwdown, aka ‘Pot Off’. He also enjoys an American blademaking competition, Forged In Fire, aka ‘Stab Off’. The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts isn’t quite like these as there’s no elimination, though one make is hailed as the best each week. It’s a sort of hybrid of a Great British Making Things and Victorian/Edwardian/Whenever Farm.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Outfit post: mod-ern Mim

If you’re looking at this photo and thinking, “That outfit looks familiar”, well yes it mostly does. It’s virtually the same as the outfit I wore to see Caro Emerald last year. One of my colleagues, who worked for science fiction mag SFX, was leaving work on Friday. As well as making magazines, he’s a published author; if you fancy a bit of 60s-set supernatural spy-fi – two parts Len Deighton to one part Lovecraft – I recommend The War In The Dark by Nick Setchfield (and I will review it properly later this month).

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Songs to make you smile

Isn’t January rubbish? Dark, wet and cold. Bah! I’m also horrifyingly skint as a result of Christmas splurging – something I have no regrets about, but realise I need to plan better for this Christmas. Last year Mr Robot and I had our India trip to look forward to, but this year we don’t even have that. 

At work I find music really helps my mood. And when it’s dark, wet and cold what’s called for is something bright and sparkly, with plenty of warming pace. Two types have really fitted the bill over the first week or so of January: 1920s popular tunes, and 1970s disco. It’s probably a good job I have headphones as I can’t see my workmates enjoying either, but I’m not making any apologies. If Ray Miller’s Orchestra performing ‘Red Hot Mama’ or Boney M giving ‘Ra Ra Rasputin’ their all can’t make you smile, nothing ever will.

Is it a co-incidence both summon up images of sparkly outfits and serious dance skills? I think not.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

2019 Make Nine

This isn’t a New Year’s resolution! It’s not, honestly – though it will tie in to some of the things I have resolved to do in 2019, namely ‘knit and sew more nice things for myself’ and ‘have phone-free Sundays’ (because it’s easier to make things when I’m not being distracted by Discord/Twitter). Rochelle of Lucky Lucille started the ‘Make Nine’ challenge and I’ve decided to take part this year because even I can make nine things, right?

I’m trying to keep my nine fairly flexible, because plans are subject to change and I might suddenly discover I want to make something completely different. And the first one’s a bit cheaty, but there you go…

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

State of the vintage wardrobe: year nine

I'm going to end this post with some general resolutions, but first my annual look at what I've been wearing.

I'd been thinking there wasn't any point to a retrospective this year, that I hadn't really got anything to talk about, but that's not actually true. I have veered more into wearing what I like, rather than trying to conform to overall styles other people admire, which does make me feel like I'm not really part of the 'vintage community', but if people can wear top-to-toe modern pinup and be part of it, I'm going to wear my damn crimplene. I may not look authentically vintage, or even conform to the modern notion of what vintage looks like, but my clothes are definitely old enough!