Tuesday, 31 July 2018

A day at Ickworth

Ickworth house
My friend Jenni was over from America with her youngest daughter (I'm godmother to both her daughters), so last weekend I went back to Norfolk to stay with my mum and see all of them. On Saturday we went for a day out at Ickworth, a National Trust property. We'd had really big storms (and some much-needed rain) the night before, but the day was bright and sunny, but nowhere near the 34-degree temperatures of Friday.

I'd never heard of Ickworth, but it's lovely. It's a Georgian Italianate building with a really unusual structure, two wings with a central rotunda. The interior was redone in the early 1900s, with electricity and lots of bathrooms installed. Oh modernity!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Green with NV (nail varnish)

A few weeks back I bought some sandals because my feet swell up abominably in the heat. Then, because no-one's immune from peer pressure/the influence of the internet, I thought I'd better paint my toenails because everyone seems to think sandals with unpainted toenails are icky. Since then, they've mostly been pale blue with a blue metallic topcoat. The sandals are... need I say it, the colour that goes with everything I wear, because everything I wear is that colour... and the pale blue pairs up nicely.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Victory Cookbook

Like most of my local charity shops, my nearest Oxfam bookshop no longer seems to get in the volume of vintage books that it used to. However, it does sometimes get interesting books about history, and this cookbook caught my eye the other day. I own a copy of Constance Spry's Come Into The Garden, Cook, which was written during the Second World War, but this one was written by Marguerite Patten, a Home Economist for the Ministry of Food during the war, from a modern perspective, and I was hoping for a more... shall we say palatable selection of recipes.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Take note

Several notebooks with writing in
Do you have a weakness for notebooks? I admit, I do. A notebook full of family history notes. A holiday journal. One with the menus we’ve served when we have people round for a fancy meal, so we know what worked, what didn’t, and don’t risk serving the same people the same food every time they visit (that one hasn’t been used in ages; we’re so reclusive). A notebook for the book I’ll never finish writing. When we first bought our house, I started one for planning the garden. It’s been hardly touched since, but I’ve rediscovered some of the joy of gardening of late, and have picked it up once again to record what grew well this year, and what would be worth trying next year. I’ve recently started one to keep track of my sewing progress, complete with fabric swatches. Let’s hope it goes better than the gardening progress, eh?

Monday, 9 July 2018

Lessons from the moths

Vintage dresses in a wardrobe
It was too hot to go out much over the weekend, but that was okay because I found one of my moth traps had caught loads of the blighters last week, so I spent Saturday committing insecticide. I went through everything – not just my wardrobe and jumper cupboard, but the places I've stashed clothes I've outgrown but can't bear to get rid of, and the boxes of yarn I keep in the bedroom. I eventually found the little gits in part of my yarn store, and it was the place where I keep ball-ends from completed projects, so all in all it could have been much, much worse. Because I caught them early, most of it was salvageable.