Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Slow your Mustang down

Slowing down and social media don't really go together. Even though I don't pay much attention to the number of followers my blog has, I still get the fear that if I go too long without posting everyone will move on and I'll find myself shouting into a digital void. (This is stupid. On the internet, there's always someone listening, even if it's just a troll who'll respond with 'lulz u suck' or an impressively rich bloke with a vast amount of money he needs to store in your bank account and just needs your account numbers for.) Of late, though, I haven't so much fallen out of the habit of posting, as deliberately embraced it. I don't have to live my life online. I can just live it.

My current knitting is making me think about slowness. Yeah, it's the same cardigan for a friend that I started at Christmas. I did warn the recipient that I am a slow knitter! It's not even from a vintage pattern, so I don't share it with you. It's coming along, though: every day I do a little bit, and it gets closer to completion. It started with one stitch, and will end with one stitch, so none of the others in between are any less important, they just seem less noteworthy. I don't think I'll manage to knit a 1960s summer top in time to wear it, though. Maybe I should start a winter knit as soon as I've finished the cardi.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Escaping in books

I've been hiding away in books a lot lately. Well, who wouldn't? Usually the settings are nicer and the manners better - if you read as much Golden Age crime as I do, that is. My latest reads have been a 1930s crime novel and a couple of 1970s science fiction TV tie-ins.

Murder of a Lady was a Christmas gift (my Amazon wishlist keeps my family happy!) but I've only just got round to reading it. I hadn't read any of Anthony Wynne's novels before this one, but it doesn't leave me enthused to read more.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Outfit post: I'm with the (hair)band

Wide hairbands are definitely my thing right now. Mr Robot reckons they make me look like Axl Rose but I don't care. (I hope he means the 1990s version, when Axl was quite pretty, and not the way he looks at present.) Today I decided to fold up a lovely 1960s scarf Curtise sent me and use that. It's satin, so was a bit slippery in my hair, but it's in place now. Most of my hairbands are stretchy fabric ones from Claire's Accessories; I check back every so often to see if they've made them in any new colours and buy any that I'm missing.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A pre-1960s tweed jacket

You wanted to see more of my GA Dunn and Co tweed jacket, and the weather's taken a slightly cooler turn so here it is. I'm being very careful to keep it away from the urchins as it's a coarsely-woven fabric and they'd pluck it with their spiky little feets.

The dress isn't the ideal match for it – there's no navy in the jacket, and it is warm in tone where the dress is cool – but I wanted to wear both items, so I'm hoping Vix's rule of 'If you wear things you like, they'll all go together because you like them' comes into play. Both are fairly smart, so they match in 'personality', if not in colour. I'd really like something either in jade green or rust to wear with the jacket. I would opt for a pair of coloured trousers, but I'm not brave enough to buy a slim-fitting pair – go go gadget bowling ball belly – and fear that coloured slacks would look horrendously mumsy. This is why I usually stick to fairly formal, mannish tailoring for trousers. Perhaps in Autumn I could raid M and S's menswear section for a pair of cords...

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Be My Baby [music]

The cover for the CD compilation Be My Baby
Who doesn't love the sassy girl bands of the 60s? From the bad-girl Shangri-Las to the effervescent Crystals to the romantic Ronettes, there's something captivating about them. I love the tight vocal harmonies, snappy pace and overall feeling of fun. And, of course, they're all pretty good hairdo/fashion inspiration for me. I've been wanting a compilation of girl band hits for a while, and thought this one would fit the bill.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Caro Emerald in Cardiff

Caro Emerald is currently touring the UK, and yesterday Mr Robot and I went to see her performing in Cardiff. (I know, I know - I left the house and did something that wasn't charity shopping.)

Monday, 3 April 2017

Chazza success

After moaning for weeks about not finding anything in my local chazzas. Oh boy, did they deliver! I'll start with the biggie, a pre-1960s tweed jacket. According to some posts I saw on the Vintage Fashion Guild forum by the 1960s the 'G.A.' had been dropped from the Dunn and Co labels, so that gives me a vague date for it. I was quite surprised it was so early, as the colours in the tweed are more exuberant than I'd expect from a lot of menswear - there's rust and a vibrant jade green in the mix. Thinking about it, the 1920s-30s was quite a time for bold menswear, the 20s in particular. Could this jacket be from that date? I have no idea how the labels changed over the years, and a search on Google Images and Pinterest didn't help - I couldn't even find many adverts.