Thursday, 29 August 2019


Over on Instagram recently a friend was talking about a load of vintage clothing they'd been given and were sorting through with their mum, including lots of 1960s pieces, so I asked them to give me a heads-up if they were selling. And look what they sent me! An absolutely perfect original mod-style dress. (I'm not naming the friend in case they get beseiged by loads of similarly cheeky people; I never expected a gift and once I get paid I'm going to make a donation to a charity to say thank-you.)

The photo looks a bit dark; the dress is – BUT OF COURSE – mostly navy. I gave it a wash when it arrived and the white sections came up beautifully. Aaaah, the endurance of pure polyester! The more of these 1960s polyester knits I acquire, the more I believe the story about shops asking manufacturers to stop using the fabric because it never wore out. A quick whizz in the machine with some Persil and it looks as fresh as anything you'd get off the high street today, and I'm pretty sure in about five years time will be looking just as good, unlike those high street equivalents.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Hair refresher

Gosh, I have been a bad blogger again... but I didn't manage to talk to you till the 16th in July, so at least I'm a little more on top of things in August. I'm feeling a little like I'm blogging the 'wrong' things, too much me and not enough other stuff, though when I set the Robot up the point was to talk about things I like and so I deliberately made the subject matter very broad. I just don't seem to blog as much retro stuff nowadays.

That said, I'm still wearing old tat, and still listening to old tunes, and still watching old films, even if my day job is mostly new games. I am currently pondering whether to get rid of some of my winter clothes – now I'm sewing more my style is definitely moving firmly into the 60s, so I'm not sure I will wear my woolly skirts as much. I think I'll hang onto them till the cold weather has set in, at least – a prolonged spell of icy weather might have me longing for something snuggly round my knees, or a session watching a few films noir might rekindle my desire to dress a bit 40s. Not that my hair will help now. It's properly in the 60s.

Yup, that's a fringe!