Thursday, 27 March 2014

Whole lotta something going on…

Do you have a busy time of year? I've been fairly inactive for a couple of months, but have realised that my Busy Time is about to kick off. May is always busy for me, but this year the fun looks like beginning even earlier. Next Monday my friend Judy Darley is launching her book, Remember Me to the Bees, at The Birdcage in Bristol. The Birdcage is a cafe/vintage shop, and I've never been there before. Mr Robot is photographing the launch, so I hope to have some nice pictures for you.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, Bath

Yesterday I went with my friends Jodi and Andrea to a vintage fair in Bath, run by Lou Lou's Vintage Fair. It was held at the Pavilion, so jolly close to the train station.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Red Nichols, I Got Rhythm [1920s music]

I started to listen to 1920s music a rather long time ago, and cornet player Red Nichols was one of the first musicians I really became aware of. This CD is a collection of tunes, all with contributions from Red Nichols, frequently as band leader.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

1960s Evans 'Tweensize dress and coat: charity shop WIN!

Needs a honking great cocktail ring, no?

Yesterday, the Gods of Vintage, Fat Chicks and Charity Shoppers smiled on me bigtime. I go round all my local ones most weekends – any dedicated charity shopper will tell you is you have to go regularly, because the stock is constantly changing. Some weeks you find something you'll like, many weeks you find nothing at all, and this week I found something so splendid I grabbed it off the rail on sight and didn't let go of it until I had paid for it: this wonderful 'Evans 'Tweensize' dress and coat.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Boardwalk Empire

Nucky Thompson
Boardwalk Empire launched a couple of years ago, but I'm a bit late to the prohibition party. Here in the UK, HBO programmes are all on the Sky Atlantic channel, which you can only access if you have a satellite dish and pay for it. I have cable, so can't get any HBO programmes. That hasn't always been the case – I watched The Wire on FX – but has been for a couple of years and looks like staying like that for the foreseeable future. My friend Kai sent me the box set of Game of Thrones series 3 for my birthday, and after we ran out of big, glossy shows to watch, Mr Robot bought the three-series box set of Boardwalk Empire on DVD from Amazon (£30).

Friday, 7 March 2014

1940s slip stitch jumper progress report

I started knitting this at the end of January, so by my standards (navy cardigan: a year and a half to complete) I'm rocketing through it. I knitted the back first, and that was a good idea as I've been able to hold it against my front and see how it stretches. The pattern says to knit the front to match the back, but that won't work for me. I'm adding subtle increases to the side so that by the time I reach the chest area, there will be a couple of extra inches of cloth there. I'll take out the extra increases at the same time as I work the armholes, to avoid droopy shoulders.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Vintage Fashion: collecting and wearing designer classics [books]

I'd wanted this book for a while, so was really chuffed to receive it as a birthday gift from my workmates. Vintage Fashion is subtitled 'collecting and wearing designer classics', which I feel is a bit misleading: it doesn’t really give you the sort of details you need to be a serious collector of vintage clothing, and it certainly doesn’t give you any advice on wearing it, but it is an attractive primer on Western women's clothing styles in the 20th century.