Thursday, 29 September 2016

A sneaky look at my latest purchase

My latest new-to-me 60s clothes arrived yesterday - a matching skirt and top. This isn't my first 60s new-old-stock, but it is the first that will fit, so I'm going to have to remove this tag. 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

[outfit post] The woman who would be (Tara) King

I mentioned the Avengers character Tara King being one of my current style inspirations earlier in the month. Her wardrobe of brightly coloured miniskirts or minidresses and matching jackets really captures the imagination. Well, what do you know, within a couple of weeks, a very nice Taralicious crimplene dress suit had appeared on Kinky Melon's shop website for £35. And now it has appeared in my wardrobe.

I know, I know, I used to detest crimplene. I'm still not 100% convinced by how it feels under my nails, it feels a tad 'squeaky' to me, but Ann and Curtise have made me reappraise its potential, and actually, I do really appreciate some of its qualities, mainly that it won't need ironing (there is a MASSIVE pile of ironing out of view in these shots) and moths won't touch it. I spend so much of my time scrutinising stuff for moths, it's a relief to own at least one thing that won't ever be at risk of being munched. So sign me up to Team Crimplene.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Two go mad in Salisbury

Mr Robot and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this week. (We've been together for 22 years now.) Usually we go away on holiday when our anniversary rolls round, but the cattery was fully booked, so instead of going away for a week we decided to make do with one night somewhere nice.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Reading round-up: Professor Elemental and more

Professor Elemental comic issue 5 - it's the final installment - came out recently. I'd had trouble with the Prof's shopping cart when I'd tried to buy issue 4, but this time it all worked well so I was able to get both at once. And what an excellent read they are. The only quibble I'd have about either one is that the text on the first story in issue 4, 'The Scarlet Woman', is often very small and I really had to squint to read it. (Loved the ending, though!) There's the usual blend of tea, adventuring, comedy and derring-do, and as always the comics are family friendly.

Look at the cover of issue 4 - isn't it fab? I love the graphic pattern all those cogs make.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

In for a penny...

Out and about in my pennies
Do you take your shoes to the cobblers? I winced a bit at my bill from Timpsons last week, as shoes repairs aren't cheap, but then I realised that for what I'd spend on a new pair of penny loafers, three pairs of shoes had been restored to a wearable state. I've been wearing my penny loafers again today, and enjoying how comfy they are.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

My current style inspirations

Some of my style icons are eternal – Morticia Addams and Her Madge The Queen – but other inspirations come and go. Here are the people who are currently inspiring my wardrobe and shopping selections. I don't deliberately pick fictional characters to be inspired by, but most real-life celebs don't have a 'look' that grabs me, Helena Bonham-Carter and Dita aside, so my influences tend to come from the television and films I've been watching.

Tara King 
When it comes to The Avengers, everyone always goes on about Emma Peel. Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee certainly had the best on-screen chemistry and the most fun scripts, but when it comes to clothes, Linda Thorson as Tara King beats Mrs Peel hands-down. Forget colourful crimplene jumpsuits, Tara's sassy minis and knee boots are where it's at as far as I'm concerned. (That said, I'm still channelling Emma when it comes to hair.) I might actually try a pair of knee boots - one of the few good things about being an apple body type is that apples generally have decent legs.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Auntie Mim's vintage week

He's quiet. That's a good start.
I'm an auntie! My nephew Harry has arrived two weeks early. That's probably a good job as he's a hefty little monster already, and I don't expect his mum would've wanted to have an even bigger baby. I've ordered him a red cuddly dinosaur from the Natural History Museum webshop. It's washable, which will definitely be a good thing. If they're still running Dinosnores at the Natural History Museum when he's old enough to go, I'd love to take him to that. Papa Robot and I are conspiring to make sure he has plenty of steam trains and dinosaurs in his upbringing. (We'd have been exactly the same if my brother's child had been a girl. Steam trains and dinosaurs are cool.)

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Nathan Jones Allstars Big Band Sinatra Spectacular

Yesterday Mr Robot and I had a fantastic night watching the Nathan Jones Allstars Big Band show 'Sinatra Spectacular'. I'm afraid photos weren't permitted, so I have no pictures for you, but rest assured it was great. The show doesn't recreate the look of Sinatra, rather it takes you on a musical journey through Sinatra's career, starting in the 1930s and coming right up to ol' Blue Eyes' last years.

Before each song, vocalist Vic Clements would talk a little about its history. It really was remarkable how many of the great songs were written in the 1930s. I found the talks fascinating, and it helped make the show so much more than the usual 'lookalikes' sort of artist-based production. This wasn't about faking a night with the man himself, it was about celebrating his music in a genuine and faithful fashion. The musicians were excellent. I listen to Sinatra a lot (part of my Friday iPod playlist) and I was very impressed with how they played the classic arrangements of the songs. When I first saw the instruments set out, I wondered if they really would need five saxophones. Yes, they did!

I'm definitely a fan of the first half of Sinatra's career, up until about the mid-1960s. The reaction of the other audience members suggested they preferred the later Sinatra; one lady behind us was happily singing along to 'My Way' and 'New York, New York' (which will always make me think of Gremlins 2...) The only duff note to me was the song they ended on, which is a great song, and one I love, but it's one that will forever be associated with another artist, and I wished they'd ended on one more purely Frankie, even if it had meant playing with the timeline a little.

My one other gripe has nothing to do with the show at all - it's that the theatre was half-empty. This show is selling out much larger venues in other parts of the county. TROWBRIDGE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? It drives me nuts. People moan about how there's nothing going on, there's nothing to do in the town, but when they have the chance to see something excellent, they ignore it. And sooner or later the excellent things will stop coming to the town. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. Wherever you are, if something nice is happening near you, do go along if you can. And if you're in Chippenham, you'll get the chance to see this excellent show for yourself on the 10th of September.