Not ded, just busy

Sorry about the silence – I have MADE IT THROUGH E3 WEEK! E3 is the massive games convention in Los Angeles, and was held last week. All the new videogames are there, a lot of the big news comes out then... and I had a 68-page E3 supplement deadline on Friday, and the main mag deadline for Official PlayStation yesterday. That meant a couple of evenings working, and not much time to do anything interesting.

Mr Robot and I did go for a long, very drunken, tapas crawl on Saturday. It was a good way to clear my head. We'd come into Bath for The Vintage Home Show, and had a poke round all the beautiful furniture and homewares on offer. We didn't see anything that really fitted in with our house, though that's to be expected as ours is more 'Victorian explorer' than anything else. (We thought we might find plates or kitchenware, but nothing shrieked 'Buy me!') Anyway, once we'd seen that we decided to stay in the city, and it turned out Pintxo has a lovely little courtyard out the back, with flamenco music playing. We couldn't neglect dropping into Ole Tapas, and then Tapas Revolution was right by the train station... This is why 'tapear', to go for tapas, is a Spanish verb!


  1. Tapas in the sunshine sounds lovely! I could eat some right now...

  2. Ha ha - a clear head after a drunken tapas crawl? Explain what the secret is please...I found my hangovers got worse the older I got so I rarely drink now!

  3. Glad to hear you survived. On the positive side-you didn't have to be in LA. Some people like it, I guess.

    A drunken tapas crawl sounds marvelous. I hope you are getting some well-earned rest now, and enjoying the heatwave (unless it has already started raining in which case, you'll be enjoying the relief from the heatwave).

  4. Glad to hear you survived and E3 is behind you. I finally took the Mother to Bath last week we had a great day.

  5. Huzzah for making it through to the other side!

  6. Pissed-up tapas on a sunny day sounds like my kind of day out.
    Glad you survived E3. xxx

  7. Glad to hear you survived E3 week. You really deserved that tapas crawl ... xxx

  8. You have me intrigued now, Mims - what IS "Victorian Explorer" as a style of interior decor?!

    Apart from anything else, I wonder if there are things in my old place that might come in useful? It's stuffed to the gunnels with all kinds of odd things nobody wants... in the next couple of months I start eBaying all the odd little peculiar things, the whole family's unwanted bits, but had already thought of seeing if you wanted a few oddments...

    1. We've got a Victorian house - stripped floorboards etc - with a period fireplace, leather sofa etc, so the basics all feel quite Victorian, but then it's also full of things we've bought on our travels, like Burmese lacquerware and Spanish pottery. I originally wanted an art deco style to the house, but our tendencies have pulled us more in a Victorian explorer direction!

      Let me know when you start ebaying stuff, as if it includes interesting oddments I know lots of steampunks.


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