10 ways to 1920s style: part 10, the boxy coat

Woohoo, our journey through ways to get the 1920s look is coming to an end, and we're topping the whole lot off with a boxy coat.

So much of the 1920s look is about things tidy and unfussy in silhouette, from the close-fitting cloche hat to the streamlined dresses. Day coats are similarly simple. The classic shape for day would be knee-length, with the fronts crossing over and the coat fastening near one side of the body – a wrap coat, of you like. Despite the crossover front, the coat still shouldn't look tailored; there's no waist in this style. The folded-down collar could be topped off with a thick wodge of fur, emphasising the small, neat head with its bobbed hair and close-fitting cloche hat. Some of Sonia Delaunay's wool coats for day wear were extremely vivid, with blocks and triangles of colour, but they still had the simple wrap shape.

If you prefer a sportier look, a blazer-like coat will work. Just keep it hip-length, and make sure it doesn't fit too closely. Worth made some wonderful outfits with trousers (daring!) blouse and jacket, with the jacket's cuffs and collars in the same pattern as the blouse.

For evening, coats became every bit as lavish and exuberant as the evening dresses, made from silk, velvet, lamé, and other luxurious fabrics. Fur swaddled the collar and wide cuffs, and even the hems of these extravagant garments. Their shapeless structure meant they were a great surface for all sorts of appliqué and embroidery, and some couture examples are a riot of colour.

As long as you've got a great pair of pins from the knees down, the 1920s evening coat will look great on you. All eyes will be on the rich, beautiful coat, with nice legs poking out the bottom. Why opt for dreadful old sportswear on a day when you're feeling less confident, when you can cover everything up with luxury instead?

So, let's count down the 10 ways to 1920s style:

The bob
The cloche hat
The dropped waist
The knitwear
The bee-stung lip
The Louis heel shoe
The long necklace
The bandeau
The flesh-coloured stockings
And now, with your boxy coat, you're good to go!

(Don't forget a squirt of a fabulous flapper perfume on your way out...)


  1. I love a loose cape style coat.

  2. Mim, thank you for verifying that it was Fleur in the photo. I was hoping my eyes weren't deceiving me!


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