Which deco jewellery?

I've just realised I'm off to a Professor Elemental gig after work tomorrow, which is good, except that I  haven't really thought about what I'm going to wear. I didn't purchase the tickets until last Friday. To be honest, I can't be bothered to dress up massively, plus I'll be going from work, and don't fancy carting a massive bag of clobber to work with me to change into. I'll wear my beige tweed trousers to work – not sure what top – and top them with an oyster satin deco-style blouse for the gig. It's got 3/4 kimono sleeves and a deep V-neck. I could wear the satin top to work; it's a bit dressy, but I've done it before. Shoes will probably be my hiking boots, purely for comfort. I'm tempted to wear my lovely deco Miss L Fire shoes, but the little voice of good sense in my head is telling me not to be stupid and to wear something I can bounce around all night in.

None of that's particularly steampunk, but then I've always been more dieselpunk inclined anyway. I like the streamlined nature of deco-era clothing. To go with these diesel-y togs, I have a choice of jewellery. I can't decide which to wear.

Choice 1: earrings I really love these. I bought them in the late 1990s when I first started working in Bath. A jewellery stall at the indoor market sold silver jewellery designed by a German lady, and I treated myself to a pair. By the time I could afford more by her, they'd stopped selling her stuff. Anyway, they're lovely, about three inches long, and have the advantage of being very visible below my bob.

Choice 2: brooch A £2 special from the Market at Waltz on the Wye! Its plus point is that it's clearly very steam/diesel. Minus points are that I have no idea where to pin it on my blouse, it'll probably sit wonky like it does in the photo as the blouse is thin and the pin quite raised, and I'm not sure if I should even pin things to satin at all.

Choice 3: bracelet This was a gift. It's very deco, and would look great with the wide 3/4 sleeves of the blouse... unless it gets covered by a coat.

I'm leaning towards the earrings, but what do you think?


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