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Bloofer Lady: Caroline Munro

I may have been a terrible blogger this year, but October is upon us and that means it's time to announce this year's Bloofer Lady or Bloofer Gent, the creeptacular crumpet who's been making spines tingle for many a decade. And this year our spooky saucepot is a lady who's still setting backbones a-quiver as she currently hosts The Cellar Club on Talking Pictures TV . Yes, it's the one and only Caroline Munro! Gorgeous dark-haired Miss Munro won a newspaper's Face Of The Year competition at the age of 17. She had a bit-part in Casino Royale and her photo was used for the image of Victoria Phibes in the Dr Phibes films starring Vincent Price, but she's not on her list becauser of those splendid films... Stop! Hammer time! While it's fair to say Hammer's 1970s films weren't its best, the studio made a very good move when they signed Caroline Munro and she made her Hammer debut in one of my favourite films, Dracula 1972 AD . As vampish Laura Bellows

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