Sunday, 1 December 2019

It's the festive season!

Three vintage craft magazine
So, have you got your tree up, if that's the sort of thing you do? We haven't; I grew up not putting it up till a fortnight before Christmas, so I don't like putting ours up too soon. Also, the cats like climbing around in it and stealing baubles which rapidly becomes annoying. I am starting to feel seasonal though. Because of my December deadline hell, I start shopping in November, so it's all nearly done now. And I've been looking at some more recent vintage craft magazines.

Does that make sense? The 1920s ones to a lot of the 60s are out permanently, but the later 60s and onwards aren't really 'my' time so those ones are in a crate, and the crate was wedged under the bed until recently. We replaced the bed, the crate got shifted to the spare room, and now I've been picking through them. And as it's a month to be generous, I thought I'd share outfits from a couple of December issues with you. Don't say I never give you anything.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

A vintage surprise

An ochre handbag lying on an apple green and ochre scarfI'm right in the middle of my winter deadline hell right now. (I worked past 10pm yesterday.) I know I can get through it, I've just got to grit my teeth and get on with it, but it is hard, and sometimes I feel like very few people around me know how much effort I'm putting in, or really think it matters. So when I unwrapped this package from Gisela today, I almost cried. It's so lovely!

Thursday, 14 November 2019

This Time I’m Swingin’ – Dean Martin

A cup of tea
No album cover as I've been listening on Spotify!
Some days are helped by a little swing. Either you’re already in that ‘relaxed but ready to socialise’ mood, or you’re feeling a bit less than sparkly and need some music to bring the mood on. (I can’t be the only person who uses music to perk themselves up.) I’m always fond of Dean Martin; whereas some other singers of his era can give then impression of being hungry and even calculating, he comes across as having just walked in and found himself a success – a success he’s happy to share. In short, there’s something about him and his music that’s brimming with bonhomie.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Let the party outfit flailing commence!

A redheaded woman in a navy dress with turquoise and white flowers.
This is one option.
So, like last year I'm off to the Golden Joystick awards. Only this time I've had considerably less notice. I only found out I'm going on Monday, and the awards are on Friday – they're hosted by the company I work for, and I'm essentially filler, in case anyone who's actually someone doesn't show up.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Boo la la!

Here's a bit of seasonal sauce for you – but don't worry, this is revealing as the photos get. Back in August vintage-style lingerie manufacturer My Retro Closet revealed she was making a limited run of lingerie in spiderweb lace in time for Halloween. I'd been looking at her pieces for a while but hadn't bought any. But I couldn't resist this range, called 'Yvonne' after the Lily Munster actress (who was 2011's Bloofer Lady on this very blog). I bought the babydoll and open-backed knickers.


Monday, 21 October 2019

More patterns

The front of a sewing pattern showing two women in pussybow blouses
 Oh dear, more patterns… I really ought to start making more things, eh?

In fairness, I only bought the sewing patterns because I've been looking at these exact ones for ages, and then the pyjama-style outfit pattern further down the page was on sale half-price. As it's a Vogue pattern, it was quite pricy at full cost, so I seized the bargain. It seemed daft to get just one pattern, so the pussybow blouse went into the basket too.

I love a good pussybow blouse. A lot of people think they're terribly twee, and with a full skirt or extremely feminine accessories they might be, but in winter I wear a lot of tweeds and woollens in quite sensible, if not masculine shapes. (One of my favourite tweed jackets is a vintage man's one, and both my pairs of woolly trousers were from M&S menswear department last year.) I'm also a big fan of brogues and loafers. A soft, womanly blouse is a good contrast and balances things out well. I'd be making the design on the right, with the bow round the neckline. I think the style on the left with the bow detached and higher up the throat is currently more fashionable, but I like the classic option.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Wonder in Aliceland

Alice Cooper on stage with two guitarists
Alice Cooper
On Saturday Mr Robot and I went to see Alice Cooper in Cardiff. He was probably last of the big acts of the 1970s who I loved and wanted to see but hadn't got round to. And not long after I said that to Mr Robot, it turned out Alice was touring again, and was coming to Cardiff Motorpoint, which I love as a venue because it's small enough to see the bands properly. We had to go.