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Behold, the first selfie I took in 2023. (Yeah, body image issues.) But this was a fun one, taken over the long Easter weekend when we redecorated the dining room. Can you call it redecorating if it's the same colour? Our house is a late Victorian two-up-two-down red brick terraced house, which had an extension put on the back at some point in the 1980s or 1990s, and as a result the dining room with its one little window, despite being south-facing, is very dark. It's also the room with the stairs in, in the centre of the house, so it's as much a corridor as a room. We've tried colours on the walls in there, but it just ends up looking too dingy, so we've settled for magnolia. That's not as dull as it sounds; we've taken inspiration from rooms in old buildings in Cuba and Spain, and the mix of dark wood, pale walls and shade works pretty well. I think it does, at any rate! We repainted the walls magnolia, then took on the big task: sanding the floor and usin

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