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I thought I'd blogged about this finished sewing project, but I appear not to have done, so behold my wenchy top. The pattern is Butterick 4685, and the cotton is an embroidered batiste that I got online but the site has since signed out. 2020s lockdown had a big effect on me in many ways. Weight gain was one. I also found what I enjoyed wearing shifted a fair bit – without the opinions of other people to worry about, I was making different choices. So each year since, I've made a Pinterest board of clothes and styles that are currently grabbing my attention, just to help me see what I like, so when I go shopping or make things I won't be swayed by thoughts of how good other people would look in things, or whether they might approve or disapprove.  This top is a direct result of those Pinterest boards. Very little on them is available now, they're a real mishmash of historical styles and fabric swatches. Certain things recur in 2021, ’22 and ’23: 1920s beach pyjamas (m

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