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A finished make

Is this... organisation? Summer's flakiness appears to be wearing off and I'm finally getting my act together (even reading through some blogs this morning, though I didn't leave comments 'cos you'll be thinking 'Hang on, I wrote this in June'). I hadn't realised it had been quite so long since my last post. Could've sworn I did one at the end of August/start of September, but no. Anyway, I got things together and finished my chaffinch-print topper. The fabric's a crepe from Fabric Godmother; I probably wouldn't have bought it if it had been in a shop and felt it first – it feels very polyester, if you know what I mean, and a print like this belongs on something silkier, polyester should be loud and 60s/70s. It's a pretty print though, and I do like how floaty the fabric feels. It was made using precisely the same pattern as my beach-pyjama-inspired set from last year, so what could possibly go wrong?  AHAHAHA! Somehow, despite the other

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