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"Beach pyjama" set

No, you are not imagining it – I have actually finished the beach pyjama-inspired set I've been making! The idea for it came about during last year's lockdown, when I realised the things I was wearing were very different to the sort of things I'd usually be wearing to the office. I've got a pair of repro 30s beach pyjamas that had hardly ever come out of the wardrobe, but last summer they got a decent amount of wear. I wanted more things in that vein, clothes that were comfy enough for pulling on and sitting around the house in, but that gave a smarter impression than sweatpants.  The details Pattern: Vogue V9375 Fabric: Hana viscose twill from Fabric Godmother (a repro of a 1930s dress print) The pattern wasn't a vintage one. A lot of the vintage ones I've seen are 1930s, and what really appealed to me was the less structured 1920s style. Vogue V9375 had the right shapes. Usually I tweak patterns, but I didn't actually make any alterations to this one as th

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