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A change of colour

It's been a busy week in the House Of Robots. I mentioned in my last post that we'd asked Ian down the road to do some DIY. Because he does a lot of gardening and exterior work, we expected he'd be busy doing that for people and the decorating would wait till September. But no, he was able to fit us in, and this week repainted the stairwell for us. Mr Robot and I do our best, but were a bit uncertain about using ladders on the stairs. Ian knows what he's doing. He also stripped the rubbish picture rail and skirting boards from the upstairs landing, smoothed over where the curtain rail had been and replaced the skirting boards. The old ones were covered in blobby mushroom-greige paint. (It's only take us about 18 years to get rid of them!) Ian's now moved on to the living room – the awful, uneven bare plaster where the fireplace was replaced is finally going, though we've only been living with that for five years. You're probably reading all this in horro

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