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Green and white all over

A work in progress. We've got a lot of grasses and hostas on order to fill the dirt. We have finally given up trying to maintain our veg patch. The usual cycle would be enthusiasm in spring > early summer growth > ATTACK OF THE WEEDS > pretend we can’t see the veg patch for the rest of the year. And so we’re turning it into a space we’ll use.  We have a longish but narrow back garden. It faces south, so it gets full sun, and there’s a patio nearest the house. We’ve always had a table and chairs on the patio – various styles over the years – as we enjoy eating outside on warm evenings, or having a mojito in the sun on a Saturday summer afternoon. On the patio are plenty of flower-filled ceramic pots in terracotta or shiny cobalt blue, plus things like aubergines and blueberries because I like growing things I can eat, even if pound sterling spent for pound in weight consumed they’re hideously uneconomical. After that there’s a bit of lawn (and a rotary washing line, no drye

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