Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Apples for an apple

I finished sewing this skirt over the Easter weekend but you’re only seeing it now because I really wanted to wear these shoes with it, and as they’re a sort of snake-patterned suede I wasn’t prepared to wear them when there was still a threat of rain. It was gloriously sunny yesterday, so I was finally able to wear it. I’d wanted to wear it with a lime-green T-shirt and red cardi, but when I put the T-shirt on at the weekend I was concerned it was a bit too tight, so hopefully that outfit variation will get an outing later in the summer.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

May is the best month!

Aaaah! Aren’t you ready for the warmer weather? I know I am. May is definitely my favourite month of the year, though the current rain is not what I'd expect. We've been doing some serious Hobbitting over the Easter and May Bank Holiday weekends. Things are just starting to come to life properly in the garden. I’ve been growing some things from seed, and also bought some tiny seedlings at the garden centre that I’ve been nurturing. We cheated and bought these splendid ones fully grown, as Mr Robot was determined to have colour RIGHT NOW and wasn't prepared to wait.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Is this decadence?

When Mr Robot and I went to India last year we bought some incredible handloomed silk. We got it in Kolkata, though the shop was, as far as I could tell, one run by the Maharashtran regional government to promote their region's crafts. The silk was an absolute bargain compared to what we'd pay here in the UK. And what have I done with it? Well, today I turned some of it into cushion covers.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

I made a shirt!

Looking at this, I can't quite believe this is the fourth garment I've made on my sewing machine. I feel like I've skilled up so quickly! I started with a pretty ropy version of a 60s sleeveless top (Simplicity 8246), which taught me I needed to do full bust adjustments. I then did a better (wearable!) version of that top, which taught me I really needed to learn how to finish raw edges, and that I need to learn how to do all-in-one facings. After that was my Colette Sorbetto, where I did finish the seams nicely, and learned how to bias-bind armholes. And now this, a full-blown shirt. No gape in the button bands, and no bra visible at the armholes.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Hobbitting around

Have you had nice weather this week? It's been absolutely glorious here – and though I had to go to work on Monday because DEADLINE I've had the rest of the week off, and I've been putting it to good use.

Sunday, 24 March 2019


Mr Robot bought us tickets to Dinosnores For Grownups at the Natural History Museum in London, and our sleepover was last night.

We arrived in London early and pottered round Chinatown and Soho, then crossed to South Kensington on the Tube, which was heaving because of the anti-Brexit march. (We had camping gear with us, and couldn't risk getting kettled and missing Dinosnores, so we didn't go near the march.)

Because we were carrying stuff, and I'd need to dress in the same things today as yesterday, I went for the practical option: the Dinosnores T-shirt Mr Robot got me (of course!), my brown herringbone trousers, my vintage Dunn and Co tweed jacket, and hiking boots. Possibly a bit macho; I joked to Mr Robot that as he was also in tweed jacket and brown trousers we were in his and hers outfits, and he said they were more like his and his outfits! Anyway, looking at the photo he took of me as we waited to be allowed in, I don't think I look too blokey. Red lipstick and a good blow-dry triumphs.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

New project: sleeveless shirt

Thanks for all the supportive comments on my last post. I’m already feeling a bit better. I’m really lucky; Mr Robot is, of course, brilliantly supportive, and on top of that my workmates are fantastic when I’m having one of my wobbles. Happily, I’ve got four days off next week so I’m planning to have a nice time pottering around gardening, going to the gym, and making things*. The most exciting thing I’m planning to make is this sleeveless shirt. One of my lesbian chums described sleeveless shirts as 'the ultimate butch item', which made me laugh as I see them as part of that incredibly chic and feminine 60s look – then again, I doubt she's imagining them paired with pencil skirts and kitten heels. I couldn't find a vintage pattern in my size, so went with this modern one.

I’m going to make the simplest version, version A, with no sleeves at all. The armholes are edged on the inside with bias binding, just like my rocket top is edged on the outside, so that’s a simple thing to do. Making the collar and button placket will be completely new, however – and after watching this week’s Sewing Bee, where a few of the contestants struggled with jacket collars, I’m prepared for that to be a tricky thing.