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It's 2023!

  In fact, we're a jolly long way into 2023, so I am going to bullet-point this entry otherwise I'll never get round to doing a post. So, what have I been up to? * Been ill. For about a fortnight from New Year's Day, in fact. If people tell you they had their worst-ever cold this winter, believe me they're not joking. Mine got on my chest so I'd wake up coughing up snot every couple of hours in the night. Thanks to the laptop I worked from home throughout, but I felt like crud. * Made a bolster. That's better than being ill. We brought two scarves home from India and I've been planning to turn them into bolsters for the six years since. With a little help from Ziggy (oh, so helpful!) one got done. I used the border of the scarf to make piping, to make the most of the lovely fabric, and while it turned out a little loose – the circles at the ends needed to be slightly smaller – I'm pretty pleased with it overall, given I'd never made piping or bolster

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