Sunday, 21 July 2019

Make Nine progress

Er, so we’re a bit over halfway through the year. How’s my 2019 Make Nine going?

*Looks shifty*

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

60s Kaufhof dress

Prepare to be amazed – not only am I back, I have some actual vintage to show you. The dress I ordered from Fox And Fable Vintage on Etsy arrived (after 10 days in Customs Hell when I didn’t know what was happening to it) and it is beautiful and it fits. In fact, I was so pleased with it on trying it on this morning I didn’t bother changing out of it, and wore it into the office.

I wasn’t sure if the ribbon stripes at bellybutton level would be flattering, but actually I think they’re good with a large bust. With big boobs there can be a tendency for them to look like they’re sitting on your waist, especially with shorter-waisted styles. This dress makes me look like I have a waist!

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Another new old dress

Ah, the irony. After a lot of mulling it over, I did sign up for Slow Fashion Season… and then promptly bought a dress. But it’s not a brand-new dress, so it's allowed. Etsy seller Fox And Fable is having a sale and I was on deadline and decided to treat myself. And this ticks so many of my boxes: simple 60s shape, graphic pattern, and er, the colour. It'll look ace with my Modshoes.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Who ordered Autumn early?

 This is usually my favourite time of year, as spring slides into summer, but the weather here in Britain has been truly awful. Rain, rain, rain and... oh, more rain! I shouldn't grumble too hard; one part of Lincolnshire is flooded after getting two months' rain in two days, but it would be better for my tomato plants and flowers if we had some more sunshine.

The upshot of all this horrid weather is that I've dug out my winter coat again, and have been wearing my heavier clothing again. This blue dress is the one I bought to wear to a work event earlier this year. It ended up causing a massive anxiety flare-up for me. I had thought of getting rid of the dress – it was a charity shop purchase to start with – but you know what? I like this dress. And it's not the dress's fault I had such a bad time the first time I wore it again. So I wore it again and had a good day, and it's not an unlucky dress.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

New-to-me midcentury knitting patterns

A pile of vintage knitting patterns
Look what arrived in the post from Veronica! A set of lovely midcentury knitting patterns. I’m always amazed the ones that came as pullouts from magazines or newspapers, like the ones at the back-left and back-centre here, have survived as the paper wasn’t the strongest to start with, so I take good care of them.

Monday, 3 June 2019

[Music] Abney Park, Ancient World and Aether Shanties

I reviewed a very punky steampunk album back in April, which I knew wouldn’t be to most people’s taste. However, one of the things I love about steampunk is its diversity and creativity; if one thing doesn't appeal to you, the next thing might be just your cup of duelling tea. That’s especially true on the musical front, which covers everything from chap-hop to punk to things like Abney Park. Their music is full of lush harmonies and instruments beyond the band-standard drums and guitars. Violin, piano and banjo are three that feature in particular. The lead singer is male but there’s often a female vocal harmonising and intertwining.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Gisela and Mim get steamy!

If they're going to put hats out, I'm going to
make an arse of myself...
On Saturday I went over to Didcot to meet up with the ever-brilliant Gisela of Miss Magpie's Musings.  It felt like ages since we'd last met up, so she suggested a day at Didcot Railway Centre, which I was very much up for. You can't really beat a day with good company and steam trains, can you? And fortune smiled on us and we had brilliant weather for the day.