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Colour Revolution at the Ashmolean Museum

One of the things I've been doing since 2020 is saying YES to more things. This is partly because lockdown made me realise how much of the stuff I loved I'd set to one side over the years, and partly because after the burnout I slowly reintroduced doing things as I was able to cope with more, and it taught me to spend my energy on things I'm enthusiastic about, not on trying to please everyone else. My limited energy needs to be used wisely. (The upshot of this seems to have been that all my pals are really pleased to see me living my best life, so it's a win-win.) Before 2020 I'd often see events and exhibitions advertised, think 'Oh, I'd like to go to that,' and then not go because I felt guilty about taking time off work, or if I did take time off I'd do whatever the person I was with wanted to do, even if they didn't have any firm ideas and we ended up doing nothing. That's not happening so much any more. My boss and his boss have also t

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