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Crinolinerobot's vintage (and covid-free) week

A Work In Progress It's been forever since I did a general roundup post. So, what's going on Chez Robot? I'll get the 'rona out of the way first – we've both had a stinking cold but it is not covid. Work issued all employees with boxes of lateral flow tests, and we've both taken them on more than one day and are still negative. That's good, because the virus is currently burning through the population and while Mr Robot doesn't go out much, I have to be in the office three days a week and last week one of my editors tested positive. We know a few people with it now. Most appear to have caught it off of their kids. Bath has the worst rate in the country at present, and the local news reckons the dodgy testing lab that had been sending out false negatives is one of the factors, as kids had been going back to school with the virus and putting it into general circulation. I've been going to the gym fairly regularly for about seven weeks. All the things

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