A disaster or an opportunity?

A grey tinplate robot with red, yellow and blue decoration. He walks when his mechanism is wound up using a key in his side.

This is probably a bit of both... I started the Robot in 2010, as I was starting to get more into vintage clothing. In 2016 Blogger changed how it handled images. Last year Google changed things again, but I didn't pay any attention to the alert emails and now I've lost almost all of the images put on this site pre-2016 and, indeed, pre a couple of computer changes. 

Over the 14 years I've been running this blog, I've been to some amazing places. I'll definitely be putting images back in the travel posts – even if the ones I originally used no longer exist, my husband will have shots on file. And all the Halloween posts will be given new images if I can't find the old ones, as that's something that's been constant here. I really hope I still have images of the things I've made, too, as I like to look back at things I've made. (It was looking for a particular knitting image that made me realise the photos had gone.) And I think the review posts will still be useful, and it'll be easy enough to redo the photos for those if need be. News posts can go; no-one needs to read about, say, a competition that was running in 2011. 

Outfit posts? I'm tempted to leave those up even without images, mainly because while certain things, like my Halloween posts and love of travel, are constant, that's been the one thing that's shifted and evolved over time. In a way I've come full circle, having drifted back to the more gothy styles of my youth, but they're still informed by all my dabblings in vintage over the past 14 years. Just as I always put vintage Halloween stuff up here, because I was never going to ditch my spooky side, in my 20s I wore vintage influenced outfits to goth clubs, and I'm not going to ditch the nantastic stuff now. (They will prise my tweed and brooches from my middleaged hands.) I'm still going to enjoy poking round charity shops and watching 60s spy-fi.

So, sad as I am to potentially have lost a lot of images, perhaps this is a good time to tidy up my blog, take out ancient posts that interest and are useful to nobody, and maybe even to redo some of the book/music review photos. Life moves on, and Google's wiped my piccies, but the Robot is still here!


  1. Oh dear, how sad. I'd be heartbroken if it happened to me.
    I'm glad to read that the Robot is still there, and that you're not giving up.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that you can recover at least part of those photos! xxx

  2. Oh no! That's awful about your photos. I've been writing my blog since 2009 and haven't encountered that issue, thank goodness. I'm glad you're still here! xxx

  3. Sorry that you lost some photos, but I think that you're managing it very well. Totally an opportunity!
    I deleted all my blog photos in 2013, many of them forever, but decided that it was not such a drama. It took me ages to find those old photos and repost them, actually, so wish you luck!

  4. Think of it as a spring clean, Mim! I guess it's something we all probably need to do, but as I use my blog as a sort of journal/diary I will leave it as it is. I haven't checked back very far but I don't think I've lost any photos. I will check properly at some point. Thanks for the heads up and I look forward to reading your re-vamped blog of the future!


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