Tuck it in!

Autumn is well and truly on us, with Halloween and Christmas the only bright spots in an otherwise dingy, wet few months. (I hate getting up in the dark, can you tell?) Anyway, I’m not dressed particularly vintage today – black longsleeved top, pinstripe wool skirt from a charity shop, skull pendant – but I do have my top tucked in.

Have you noticed how few people tuck their tops in nowadays? The other day walking through town I decided to count how many other women tucked theirs in – none! And I don’t think Bath is particularly unusual in that respect. It just struck me as quite odd that in the 1940s and 1950s it would have been the norm, and nowadays very few people do it. It’s an aspect of vintage style that hadn’t really occurred to me before.

I did wonder if leaving tops hanging something people do more now with the enlarging of the average waistline and people wanting to hide their shapes, but as a plus-size person with a large belly, I feel leaving my top hanging out doesn't make me look like I'm thinner or sleeker, it just makes me look like a large lady with my top out. Of course, cheap modern clothes made from stretchy fabrics that show every lump and bump don't help (I opt for woven, not knitted, fabrics as often as possible nowadays), nor does the temptation to buy a size too small. Size is just a number, but if you buy something too small and then tuck your top in, of course you're going to see unsightly bulges, it's because your skirt or trousers are the wrong side. Accept your figure for what it is, buy the right size and there will be no bulge.

Do you tuck your tops in, or are you a top-out sort of person?


  1. Many modern tops are too short to properly tuck in as well...

  2. ah yes- I was interesting in this being a larger lady. I do tuck my tops in now and again. being a teen in the 90s and in my 20s in the 00s - tucked in tops were a big no no, but no people are now doing it again, I like it, I think it looks smart and a little edgy, though I'm not 100% on whether some one who's a size 18 can get away with it

  3. I don't often tuck in my tops, I think it makes me look like a little vintage 'dolly' - 60s stuff doesn't always need tucking in anyway.

  4. I'm with Jen – I occasionally try to tuck things in, but they pop out as soon as I move!

  5. I occasionally tuck tops in but having a high waist and a large bust I tend to find the effect rather unflattering. But then, I mostly wear dresses anyway which avoids the issue completely!

  6. i have no waist! so tops out for me!


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