Late 1940s/early 1950s cardigan: the progress so far

Well, time for a late 1940s/early 1950s navy cardigan knitting project update. One front done, between a third and a half of the second front, and a tiny strip of the ribbing for the back.

No, it’s not progressing very quickly. I thought I'd been working on it for a couple of months, but checking my Ravelry page shows I cast on way back in July. This may well prove an even slower knit than the year-in-the-making Gold Jumper of Doom. This is what happens when you are a slow knitter and decide to knit in 4ply on 2.25mm needles.

 I have come up with a way to speed things up ever so slightly: the ribbing on the bottom is done on different needles to the main part, and ribbing is easy to knit in the car, so I’ve started working on that during my morning commute, hence the strip of ribbing at the top right of the picture. It had better fit when it’s finished…


  1. keep going, its going to be fab. i can't help picturing you driving with two needles in your hand..! x

  2. Miss Ginger, I can't drive! Mr Robot has to do that, I sit next to him knitting away.


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