Save Bridport's vintage quarter

What could be nicer than a historic area, stuffed with vintage shops, in a small town a few miles from one of the loveliest stretches of the south coast? A new housing estate in the same location, apparently. Bridport's vintage quarter is going to be demolished and new builds put up in its place.

I blogged about how much I loved that area last year (sorry, lips of death appear to have struck again). It's going to be a real shame for Bridport if the vintage quarter goes, as it's one of the things that makes the town more interesting and lively than so many other equally pretty places along the Dorset coast. If you've never been there i still recommend it, but it looks like you'd better go there quickly.

Find out more about the campaign to save it on Facebook – and if you're going to sign up, do it quickly as there's only a couple of days left to have your say. I have already left my comment on the Council's website.

(Photo is of West Bay, where I stay when I'm in the area. I don't have a photo of the vintage quarter!)


  1. Short video on the matter, feel free to use it to spread the word: - can't believe they tried to sneak this under the radar!

  2. This is rubbish! I'm sorry I only just came across this because I don't know if I'll have time to look at the application documents and provide a proper response on the Council website. My job is all about heritage and planning so I'm familiar with the lingo and could find an argument to contest the development in a conservation area but it says responses have to be received by the 3rd... I wonder if that's by the end of the working day or if it would still count if I did it in the evening? I'll see how I go!

  3. Hi Miss Marie, I only found out about it on the 2nd myself - I'm not from Bridport but love the area and think the council will be doing the town a great disservice if they remove one of the things that makes it so unique and enjoyable a town. I think anything people can do will be appreciated by the campaigners.

    Umboody, thanks for the link to the video. I'll retweet it.


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