Sunday, 19 February 2012

Keeping my New Year's resolution

Just a quickie post to prove I am sticking to my 2012 resolution to buy more buttons. I found a lovely seller called Buttonfinder on Etsy, and she's got loads of really nice vintage glass buttons for sale.

These are all about a centimetre across. I've got three of the cream and gold, six of the green, four of the blue cherries and eight of the black embossed ones. The embossed ones have a berry-and-leaf pattern on so they'll be perfect for my black Kasha when I finally get round to knitting it. Buttonfinder has more of both the green and cream (and versions of the cream in other colours). I did buy the cherry buttons to go in a swap parcel, but then I found something more suited to my partner elsewhere so bought that and shall keep the cherries for myself. I don't know why I like them, I'm not at all a 'cute' person, but they are very appealing.

Anyway, I really need to stay off Etsy for a bit as it is horribly addictive, and while one or two orders are inexpensive, it could become a serious habit if I don't watch out! It's like having all my favourite things in one place. I'll set myself a mini-mission of buying my next lot of vintage buttons NOT on the internet...


  1. Pretty! Web shopping is addictive, I have to stay off it too.

  2. These are lovely, great finds! X

  3. I love glass buttons, these are beautiful the cherry ones are my favourites.

  4. What is it about buttons that is so appealing? and thanks for the advice on The Knitter