Vintage perfume workshops

In London? Near London? Want to learn more about the scents of a particular decade? Get thee to Les Senteurs.

I love Les Senteurs. The original branch is a little shop in Belgravia, and although I'd shopped for samples with them online, when I went to buy my first full bottle from them I was terrified. Me, in a place like that? But no matter how upmarket the area, the staff are gracious, the prices are appropriate for their stock, and if your a perfume n00b they will give you lots of help. They recently opened a second store in Marble Arch with more room for events. I was looking at their website earlier (it was hinted to me that work may have got me a voucher for my birthday, and the choosing of perfume is a Serious Business) and noticed that they are doing a series of 'Vintage Scent Sessions' with Odette Toilette.

According to Odette's website the 1930s session on the 10th of March is sold out, but it's not showing up as sold out on the shop website, so it might be worth ringing them to check. The 1940s session is on the 19th of May, 1950s on the 14th of July, 60s and 70s on the 15th of September, and 80s at a date to be confirmed in November. If I were nearer the Big Smoke I'd definitely go along, as it's a chance to smell some rare and discontinued scents and get a real feel for the odour of an age.

Image: my bottle of Molinard Habanita parfum, which I did indeed buy from Les Senteurs.


  1. Thanks for this I might treat myself to the 1950s session. I've always wanted to find my own scent, I don't really like very floral and neither am I a musky type so I'd be ideal for this!!

  2. Hi Fiona! They'd definitely be the right people to help you find something. It's funny how perfumes of an era have a style every bit as definite as clothes.

  3. Sounds fascinating. I love trying different perfumes.

  4. Could I justify a 6 hour journey to smell pretty perfume? Hmmmm.... X


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