Annette Hanshaw, I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling [music]

I've been a fan of Annette Hanshaw for years (see my review of the CD Lovable and Sweet) and this Christmas my mother-in-law gave me another collection of Annette's songs, I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling. Only a couple of songs are on both CDs, so the two make a good pairing.

The songs on I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling are generally less upbeat than those on Lovable and Sweet. They are a bit slower, a bit more wistful. There's a lot of unrequited love and longing in this collection ('My Future Just Passed', 'Daddy Won't You Please Come Home', 'I Hate Myself (For Falling in Love With You)'). I think of it as more 30s than 20s, possibly because I associate slower, croony songs with the later decade.

I do have versions of Helen Kane singing a couple of songs that are also in this collection, and while Annette's recordings of 'I've Got It (But It Don't Do Me No Good)' and 'Is There Anything Wrong in That?' are lovely, they don't pack the same punch as Helen's versions. Helen was a performer, Annette a singer, and it shows in the way they deliver the lyrics. That said, Helen's voice can be an acquired taste, and Annette is definitely easier to listen to.

All in all I really like this CD. There's a little crackle on it, but I quite like a bit of the sound of the original recording medium, and there's never any serious crackle, and Annette's voice is always clear and lovely.

solm83 has put a recording of the title song 'I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling' accompanied by a slideshow of stunning photos of Annette in her prime on YouTube. Take a look!

Source of CD: A Christmas gift.


  1. I've just had a listen to the you tube recording. Lovely, thanks for posting this!! X

  2. Gosh, wasn't she great? She's one of my favourite yesteryear singers, amongst Ivie Anderson and Valaida Snow.

  3. Fantastic. Love the youtube.

    BTW- I tagged you in a silly 'about me' thing on my blog! :) Have a go if you want...

  4. Ah, Superheidi! I had not heard of those singers. Now you've given me something new to look up!

    Paperdoll, she's great, isn't she? So much personality in her voice.

    Perdita, I will respond to my tagging tomorrow :D

  5. The most fantastic female singer of the 1920s. Great musicians loved working with her. She has left the most wonderful collection of recordings for generations that follow to enjoy


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