It's finally finished!

At last I've got my project for the Ravelry 'Vintage and Kitsch' swap off my needles. I don't think my swappee reads my blog, and haven't noticed anyone coming to my blog from Ravelry of late, so I'll go out on a limb and post about it.

Are you in the Odd Ducks 'Vintage and Kitsch' swap? Please stop reading now! Read anything else on the blog, just not this!

The person I'm sending to wanted a hooded scarf, so I've knitted 'Miss Laverty's Motoring Hood' from Susan Crawford's book Vintage Gifts to Knit. I've knitted it in some green Rowan Cashsoft 4ply left over from another project.

If you want to learn to knit, this would make an excellent first project because the scarf part is completely straight and the hood part has minimal shaping, and the seams are virtually straight. However, it does depend on your boredom threshold. The whole thing is worked in 1x1 ribbing, which is possibly my least favourite stitch in the world. However, the pattern does work, so it's easy and impossible to mess up.

Of course, a swap box needs to contain a whole pile of stuff, but the thing I'm most pleased with is a Carlton Ware cruet set in the shape of a pear (the one in the pic). My swappee really loves Carlton Ware, and I found the set for under a tenner, so it's going in. (As well as a certain number of handmade items, other items in the box need to be worth about $30US.) The scarf should provide plenty of padding for shipping.

Don't ask about the beige jumper. I'm pretending it's not there. (Well, technically it isn't there, because it's STILL NOT FINISHED, AARGH.)


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