Lovely Hotter shoes

I make no secret of what a big fan I am of my Hotter 'Charleston' shoes. Last summer they brought out a lovely summer shoe called 'Quickstep', and in the Autumn a slightly more substantial one called 'Valetta' (the one shown here). I managed to miss out on both – by the time they came into the sales, the colour I wanted was sold out in my size. Well, they're back this Spring!

Hotter shoes aren't cheap, but what I like about them is that they're perfect for a 1920s/30s look, are suitable for work, and they're really hardwearing. If I'm not wearing my hiking boots, chances are I'm wearing my 'Charleston' shoes, so mine have done a lot of walking yet I've only recently had to have them resoled. While they have a heel it's small and sturdy, and I can do a full day's sightseeing around a city in them without getting sore feet or blisters. So, if I get enough books to review or a bit of money for my birthday, I'm getting at least one of these, if not both. I've wasted enough money on unwearable shoes in my time. I want comfort!

(On which note, does anyone want a free pair of Office black 'French Lessons', size 6? Like this but black. Resoled once, but in very good nick. The heel's just too high for me, and since spraining my ankle last summer I've been scared to wear them again!)


  1. I do like the look of these shoes,and their customer service is excellent, but they just don't fit my teeny weeny feet unfortunately! X

  2. Can you get into children's shoes? No VAT!

  3. Oh these are worth looking into for me. I stand all day at work and like a bit of a heel, but comfy too.

  4. Most brands of childrens footwear stop at a 2 or a 3. I (of course) am more like a 3 1/2. I can only wear a low heel, mostly I can get away with a size 4 and an insole, but a lot of these styles have extra width added so they fall off my feet. Grrrr!!!!


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