Help me, Internet Kenobi, you're my only hope

I'm trying to find an outfit to wear to the ball at this year's Waltz on the Wye. I've decided to go full-on dieselpunk (if you're interested mainly in vintage and don't know what dieselpunk is, think art deco science fiction, 1930s Flash Gordon or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.) I'm more than sorted for daytime outfits but, as ever, evening wear eludes me.

So, do you have any recommendations for 20s/30s-style eveningwear that won't break the bank? I'd prefer 20s as that's kinder to my apple body type, and would rather avoid satin as I'm not convinced that's my tummy's best friend (although one of the organisers does seem keen for me to show up in something 1930s and bias cut!). I'm keen to buy new as there's a good chance I'll be doing the conga in it, and I'll cry for days if I wreck a genuine, irreplaceable, vintage piece.

For some reason I have a real mental block when it comes to custom-made, and I don't know why – I shelled out a three-figure sum for my ball outfit last year, and had to pay customs charges on top, so getting something made to fit isn't likely to cost much more. It's as though I feel I don't deserve custom-made somehow... But that is an option. I keep looking at Able Grable and not being 100% convinced I can carry off satin, even though I love my (matte, sample) dress I got from there and know full well I'll be pulling out all the shapewear stops for the ball.

Help me, Internet Kenobi, you're my only hope!


  1. I have no sources for 20s or 30s evening wear, but I'm probably going to be wearing a green satin Igigi dress (I got it second-hand on eBay, but I'm pretty certain it's this one) so if you do go for the Able Grable there will be two of us in satin, if that helps.

  2. Oh, HOT SAUCE! You will look fab. I'm seriously tempted by AG's 'Dream Girl 1932' in deep blue satin. Better get my skates on if I'm going to go for it; they only have limited slots available and it'll take six weeks... Gah! Decisions, decisions... but I keep returning to that one. The fact I keep going back to it suggests that probably is what I should get.

    1. Blogger HATES ME this afternoon.

      Anyway, as I've been trying to say while Blogger ate my comments, the Dream Girl 1932 looks amazing - so simple but dramatic. I bet it would look great on you.

  3. Putting on the Ritz have a nice evening dress, Electric Gypsy have some nice 80's things that could pass for 30's with the right accessories. Heyday maybe? Or check out ASOS sale for a glam dress at a reasonable price! Happy shopping, and hope you find something fabulous! X

  4. Well, I've booked a slot at Able Grable. Stuff all my fears about 'plus sizes shouldn't wear satin' and 'late 30s shouldn't wear satin' and all that guff - I'm not going to wear sackcloth for the next 30 years as a penance for getting older and not grovelling at the feet of the diet demons. Bring on the fabulous.


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