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Just out of interest, I'd love to know your expectations of an event called 'Private Vintage Club'. I didn't have a terribly good time last night, but I think it was because my expectations of what the event would be, and what the actual event turned out to be, were radically different. I was expecting more vintage really, so having settled on wearing an Able Grable dress and worrying that repro might not make the grade, no matter how lovely, was quite surprised that so few other attendees were wearing vintage (although all had made an effort, which is always lovely).

Anyway, the emphasis inside was clearly more 'club' than 'vintage', and being a crotchety old lady I wasn't keen on the music. I'd been wondering, would it be swing? Would it be rock'n'roll? Would it be 60s girl bands and the Rolling Stones? No, it went 'doof doof doof' like at every other trendy bar in town. Argh.
You also couldn't order drinks at the bar. I necked my glass of champagne pretty fast and wanted MOAR booze, but was told I'd have to wait for a waitress to come round. I waited. And waited. And got out my knitting. Eventually I was able to order, ordered a dry martini, was brought a vodka one (gah!) and got charged £9 for the privilege. I'd only pay a fiver more for one at the Savoy and that's got an Art Deco setting and jazz music! Booze FAIL. A couple of quid less (and the right drink being delivered) and I'd have ordered a lot more.

Now, the vintage clothes at the fashion show didn't disappoint (although the hair and makeup did). The show was done jointly by two bath businesses, Scarlet Vintage and Hannah Dulcie ( a lingerie shop), and while I'd have preferred more dresses and fewer pants, and indeed more clothes pre-1960, it was lovely to see the clothes on real people. I do wish there had been a voiceover telling us something about the garments, and that the fashion show had gone on longer.

So, not a fun evening for me, but I think lots of the other attendees really loved it. As I said, I think the problem was the gap between my expectations and the reality, there was nothing wrong with the event itself.


  1. Hmm, I see what you mean about expectations, but I think not having vintage music is a pretty obvious error on their part, and making you wait so long for a waitress is just bad service.

    And still getting over the price… we used to go to the cocktail bar at the Plymouth Gin Distillery a lot, which was amazing, and their fantastic creations were £5 a go, which seemed expensive enough.

  2. I feel quite bad for not enjoying it. It's really my own fault for not making more enquiries about the event before buying my ticket.

    That said, I don't think I'll bother with that bar again. I think I'll stick to the Crok!

  3. I think I'd expect it to be a wine-tasting.

    Also, I love your dress, and your Halloween wallpaper.

  4. Hi Mim,

    I am sorry the evening didn't live up to your expectations, we did our best to try and ceate a fun night out in Bath with a mix of vintage and modern clothing.

    Regarding the clothes, all of our pieces (minus hannah dulcie undies) were over 30 years old and many were pre-1960's; the "teddy" fur jacket was 1940's, the wedding dress was 1950's, the green sparkle evning dress (pictured) was 1950's just as examples. I did have to take into consideration dresses that were being pulled on and off in a small backstage area couldn't be too delicate, which is why I held back our very old pieces. I'd love to be able to afford assistants to look after backstage, but as an inde shop keeper, its just down to me!

    With regards the music, we wanted a sound that wasn't too vintage as the night was a mix of Scarlet Vintage and Hannah Dulcie modern lingerie.

    Thank you for your feedback, Mim, it is always interesting to hear what people think about what we do as it helps us with any future events I might do (after a bit of a sleep!).

    It was lovely to meet you (however briefly!) and I really hope we see you again soon (i'll buy you a proper martini!;-) )
    Debs (owner Scarlet Vintage, Bath)

  5. Hi Debs, I hope I didn't come across as rude - I've tried hard to stress that lots of people were having a great time, and it was probably just me who didn't! (I do hate it when people slag off events or things without trying to see other people's side of things, and don't want to fall into that gap myself.)

    I did wonder about the white dress, I wasn't sure if that was late 50s or early 60s because of the straight bodice with the fullish skirt. The clothes were definitely my favourite bit :) I loved the print on the green dress.

    I'm just a crotchety old so-and-so!

  6. Music is such a big part of setting the scene, I would have been disappointed too Mim x


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