Vintage space travel posters

I love Steve Thomas' vintage travel posters and he's recently added new ones to his collection, 'Rock Climbing on Titan' and 'Zip Line Tours Through the Aseroid Belt'. They combine the graceful style of vintage travel posters with the fun and excitement of science fiction.

I first came across them via a link on The Steampunk Home, although I think they're more diesel than steam. I knew Mr Robot would like them too, so one year I bought him two large posters from Steve's Zazzle site ('Venus By Air' and 'Midnight Zephyr') and now they hang, framed, in our dining room, alongside reproductions of actual vintage travel, film and event posters. They fit in extremely well with the others, and hang near the bookcase of science fiction. In fact, doesn't the 'Sail Under the Ice of Neptune' poster remind you of the classic poster of the Normandie from the 1930s?

You too can buy Steve's posters from Zazzle! I was really happy with the quality of the prints and the paper, and the posters I've got are a couple of feet tall and the pictures are clear and sharp.
See more of Steve's work on his blog.

Pictures used with permission of Steve Thomas.
NOTE: I am not making any money from this post – no, not even from the Zazzle link. Crinoline Robot is, and always has been, completely sponsor-free. And now I'm going to drop major hints to Mr Robot about those Steve Thomas iPhone skins.


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