Ascot style, 1934

Following on from Monday's clothes piccies, here's another 1934 fashion plate. "AN ASCOT FASHION of 1934 goes back to 1913 for its inspiration – puffed sleeves, accentuated waist line, and flared hem line." Rather more to my liking than the abbreviated skirts seen nowadays, although the hat is somewhat lacking. Perhaps if the hat had been large, though, with those sleeves the model would have looked like a very beautiful mushroom, all top and a slender stem.

(Why yes, I am still hideously busy with work, but I promise you something more personal, if not more interesting, later this week as I'm off to Vintage Sunday, part of Bath Fashion Week, this weekend. If I don't catch up with you before then, I promise you lots of vintage goodness after the weekend.)


  1. I agree, the hat looks odd. Also to balance the puffy top, the skirt doesn't need to be as sleek/smooth as it is- it almost makes her look stretched! I suppose in every era, modelled fashion went a bit OTT and would have been toned down for the norm though.


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