Are you ready for International Dieselpunk Day?

No? It's a good job you've got months to prepare, then, because the first one takes place on November 12 2012. The date was chosen because while there's some flexibility in what dieselpunk is, the most widely-accepted date for the start of the Diesel Era is the end of the First World War, November 11 1918.

If you're familiar with steampunk, which is essentially Victorian science fiction, dieselpunk is similar but later, and there's a bit more discussion of politics and globalisation among dieselpunks as it (roughly) covers the era between the two world wars, and you can't avoid political discussions when you're looking at that part of history. But what I really like about dieselpunk is that it is essentially a smorgasbord of many of my favourite things: vintage swing and modern swing, noir films and movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Rocketeer, art deco and pulps, and the big WHAT IFs of alternate history.

For people who aren't dieselpunks but want to join in the fun, why not watch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, pop on a bit of aviator/aviatrix chic or listen to a bit of electro-swing?

There's a dedicated group on Facebook for the day, and if you're interested in finding out about larger events that day, the group will be the best place to look.


  1. This sounds interesting, just finished Anno Frankinstein which has led me into the bookshop where I ended up buying Morlock Night, and spending time looking at even more sewing patterns!Down the slippery slope to complete obsession (yet again!) Lol. X

  2. Heh, it's addictive. When Mr Robot and I went to Waltz on the Wye (steampunk festival) last year I was worried that he'd hate it, but he loved it. I think among the things I love are that making things is a big part of the whole thing but it's unisex - chaps can really enjoy themselves with it. And good manners and good cheer abound!


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