Blogoversary brooch giveaway

Crinoline Robot is a year old this weekend. It feels as though I’ve been writing this blog for much longer, possibly because I’d been thinking about it for some time before I started it.

In celebration, I’ve got a couple of brooches to give away. I’ll make one thing clear to start with: THESE ARE NOT VINTAGE as far as I can tell. They’re very clean, even in the corners, and have a slightly less smooth clasp action than I’d expect from a vintage brooch. However, they come close enough to the real thing for me to class them as repro. One is a silvery colour, with fake marcasite. (Real marcasite is darker grey, and the edges of the facets sharper.) I have a strong suspicion that this is a very good casting from a real marcasite brooch as the ‘stones’ are exactly the same colour as the setting but the details are nice and crisp. It would look great with a 1940s-style suit, or pinned onto a black evening dress. The other brooch is very similar in style to 1950s originals, and is a very pale goldtone (paler than it looks in the photo;brooches are hard to photograph) with pastel diamante, and would look darling on an angora sweater or worn on a full-skirted frock.

How do you enter the draw? Leave a comment - one comment per person only, please, as I’ll use a random number generator to find the winners. You don’t have to be a follower of this blog. If you have a preference for one of the two, mention that, and the first person drawn will get their choice and the second person drawn will get the other. When I’ve identified the winners, I’ll put up a post asking them to email me with their postal addresses so I can send them their brooches.


  1. What a lovely thing to do Mim! Have a very happy blogiversary - yours is one I always stop by when there's a new post. :)
    Jen xx

  2. Lovely brooches! shouldn't we be buying you prezzies?

  3. Happy Blogversary!!! I too spent a long time thinking about starting a blog - I cannot believe it has only been 10 mths! God - I waffle a lot!

    Please enter me for the draw!!! Oooh I do so love a good brooooch! :)

  4. Happy Blogverary- and here's to many more years in blogland!!! Tups x

  5. Happy blogiversary! *makes futile grabbing hands at top brooch*

    I've very much enjoyed reading your blog so far, and wish you many happy years of reviewing vintage thrillers and posing with steampunk devices.

  6. Huh? The blog's a year old? Seriously? Wow. This'll sound dead cheesy but it feels like you only just started it! Congratulations on the first year! ^_^

  7. Happt blogiversary! Very pretty brooches, I especially like the first one.

  8. Beautiful brooches and a great giveaway. I especially love the silvery one.

    Congratulations on turning One!


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