Art deco dressing table set

I've wanted a glass dressing table set for some time. As a child, I was fascinated by my mum's china one – I've never seen another one like it, but it was white with blue borders and little pink and gilt flowers. Before last Christmas, Oxfam had a glass set in the window, and I dropped a few hints to Mr Robot. However, I'm not very good at hinting, and while the set disappeared from the display it did not reappear in my stocking. (A bottle of discontinued, much sought-after Jean Patou Divine Folie showed up instead; proof of his most excellent present-buying skills.)

Anyway, yesterday Oxfam had another set in their window. Tray, big pot, two smaller pots, candlestick and pin tray, all for £15. I took one look and said, "I'm having that!" and went in and bought it. I didn't check it over for condition, but when I got it home I found there's just one tiny chip on the corner of one of the lugs on the pin tray. What I really love about it is its art deco styling, especially on the candlestick, and in the strong vertical lines of the pot handles. It doesn't exactly go with my blue and cream bedroom, but who cares? It's pretty!
I have been seriously considering getting my hair bobbed, and feel this is a definite sign that I should EMBRACE THE DECO.

As if finding this beautiful set wasn't enough, in Scope I picked up a 1947 film annual for £5, with no scribbles in and no pictures cut out. Old film annuals are getting harder to find at reasonable prices, so I was dead chuffed with that.

I've tagged this post 1930s although I have no idea how old the set is. It certainly looks 1930s to me, given the colour and style.

Photos taken by Mr Robot.


  1. Lovely, it looks 30s to me too. Chips don't matter too much on a glass set, I don't think. You can never see unless you look closely x

  2. That is heavenly!!! I'm slowly accumulating a tortoiseshell bakelite set. I have found matching tray, candlesticks and hand mirror so far, and am still looking for containers etc. I do love the glass ones, but ended up with the tray and it all went from there! x

  3. WOW. I LOVE green glass - I would have bought it without checking it too! You have nabbed yourself a bargain there my love - certainly looks 30's to me!

  4. Miss Peelpants, I shall keep a look out for tortoiseshell bakelite for you. Vanished Eras get all sorts of Bakelite oddities in, it might be worth keeping an eye on their site (

    A friend told me she saw a vintage glass bedroom set in Liberty for... wait for it... £70! I think either it must have been a really good one, or they're slapping on over 50% Rich Idiot Tax there. Charly LandGirl, if I ever see another do you want me to get it for you? They seem to come up every half-year or so.

  5. Beautiful! I'm not surprised you had to have it.

  6. hey Mim, it maybe uranium glass (which would make it more desirable). How can you tell? shine a UV light on it! (preferably in the dark) -if it glows then it's uranium glass! If you don't have a UV light, then a white LED works quite well and it will glow abit.
    Nice deco set there though and a good few pieces for what you paid!

  7. Yes, I thought it might be uranium glass after doing some looking around. I don't have a UV light, but we've got some LEDs at home so I'll give it a go with those.

  8. mmmmmmmm loving the green!


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