Popular Sausage Crown Salad

Look at that! Is your mouth watering? No, mine neither. I was hunting through my old craft mags looking for a lace knitting pattern to turn into a steampunky choker, and while I didn't find that, I did find this and just had to share it. Something fluffy after yesterday's seriousness. Pins and Needles from May 1967 has a page of recipes for high teas (and we all know what a high tea is, don't we?) and pride of place goes to the Popular Sausage Crown Salad. A dish so popular, I'd be amazed if anyone's ever eaten it... I labelled my scan 'SausageWTF', which seems a much more apt name.

Esentially, you put sauteed tomatoes and mushrooms in the centre of the dish, with halved sausages arranged around it – and it is important to have the cut sides facing outwards! – and finely chopped green pepper with seasoning and worcestershire sauce on top of the tomato mixture. On top of that goes a tasty layer of green beans, and then some tomatoes for decoration.

Mmm, is your mouth watering now? No, mine still isn't either. I do rather like that dish, though.

If you have seen this and want MOAR FOOD, may I recommend the Gallery of Regrettable Food, a site devoted to vintage culinary horrors. The jelly (Jell-O) images are particularly horrifying. I may have more vintage food treats to come. Some of them will even be edible.


  1. Well now, for my brother's birthday tea one year my Mum made a fort similar to this. It had halved sausages as the walls held up by mashed potato and filled with baked beans in the middle and as I recall the boys at the party fell on it like hungry wolves! It did look much nicer than the picture above as I recall and I'd say for a bunch of 6 year olds it was probably the height of culinary excitement. Lol

  2. Sausage and mash fort sounds awesome!

    It's the green pepper/ green beans/ tomatoes and mushrooms combo that I don't get about this one – and the fact that the pepper is cold but I don't think any of the other bits are.


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