Radio and telly roundup

Radio 4 Extra is broadcasting a serialisation of Edgar Wallace's 1930 novel White Face in the 8pm slot this week. The first episode was yesterday, but it's on iPlayer if you want to catch up. It seems fairly regular Edgar Wallace fare; there's a journalist hero, a beautiful rich girl and a dastardly colonial (supposedly South Africa, although the reader manages an accent that sounds more Australian to my ears. It could be a plot twist and he is actually Australian, although then you'd expect all the other characters to be wondering why he claims to be South African when he so clearly isn't.)

(Like Edgar Wallace? See my review of The Green Archer.)

Also, the 1956-set conspiracy drama The Hour starts on BBC 2 tonight. I have no idea what it'll be like, but I'm definitely going to watch it, and I really hope it's good and edge. I really enjoyed The Shadow Line recently, even with all the pretentious dialogue, and I hope The Hour has similar levels of grit. And, because I love a good spy story, lots of Cold War shenanigans. I hope they don't go shoehorning too much sex into it. I'd rather have a proper thriller or ripping adventure story.


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