Steampunk flashmob day

The British Steampunk Community on Facebook (and possibly other steampunks, but I got the info through Facebook) are having a steampunk flashmob day on the 6th of August. All nine of the events I've seen listed so far are in England, but I'm guessing more will be added to the list. (I can't imagine the Welsh steampunks I know letting the day go unmarked, unless they're all braving forren parts and crossing the Severn for the Bristol meet-up at the SS Great Britain.

In related news, my review of Waltz on the Wye (plus a couple of photos by Mr Robot) is in the latest issue of SFX magazine, on sale now.

I'n completely non-related news, I've decided to get my hair bobbed, although it probably won't be before next payday as I got drunk at the cricket on Monday and blew this month's money on a Thai meal. I had a bob years ago, and I've been mulling over having one again for some time. I don't like faffing with curls and updos, whereas a bob works well on me, and I managed to burn my hair on the cooker this week. I cut it this morning and got it lopsided. Oops. So, a bob it will be.

The two things putting me off were that it wouldn't work with the mid-20th-century dresses I own, or look completely steampunky, but then I thought, 'Nuts, I don't own that many vintage dresses or go to steampunk things much, and bollocks to anyone who doesn't like it anyway.' I've been keen on the 1920s for years, love silent film and the music of the decade, and if I wind up with people thinking I'm on my way to a fancy dress party so be it.


  1. Go for it, if I get sick of my crop it will be a bob I go for next x

  2. how short a bob you thinking? sounds like a good idea whatever! my long hair is driving me nuts at the moment!

  3. Rachel, somewhere between cheekbones and jaw works best for me. Hairdressers never seem to like going that short or as blunt as I like, it takes a while to reassure them that I know what I want.


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