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The Vogue Knitting Book I bought at Ally Pally (see here)? I've just been given another one in a box of magazines, so the one I bought is now going free to a good home.

It's from 1959 and patterns include:
Jumper in reverse stocking stitch with cables down the sleeves and front and around the polo neck. (34-40in bust)
'Sailor' jumper, shaped like tunic with V-neck and false stripy front inside that (2-in-1 effect, 32-40in bust)
Three-colour ski sweater (32-40in bust).
Fichu-necked lace bedjacket (30-44in bust)
Dolman-sleeved dress (32-40in bust)

Patterns are not what you'd think of as epitomising the 1950s style, rather they're in that 1950s/1960s crossover area when garments stopped being so hourglass in shape but before mod patterns and colours crept in.

First to say they want it can have it - just reply in comments and then email me a postal address (could be your work one if you don't want to email your home one).


  1. I would love to have it, but I have never knitted and I don't have the time to learn so it would be completely wasted on me. Will tweet and fb the link for you though! x

  2. I've been knitting for about six years now and am finally at a level where I'm happy making vintage patterns. After double knit (a thicker yarn) and boxy styles come in - so, late 1950s onwards - things are a lot less complex, but I like the shaping and details of earlier designs. Being lardy, I do find it harder to find vintage/ repro that fits, so making my own is a sensible course!


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