Vintage week, penultimate week in October

The biggest thing for me this week was getting my second batch of vintage knitting and sewing magazines. In the first batch were some damaged Stitchcrafts – the front and back cover had become detached from the main pages, and separated from one another. I've had fun working out which front and back cover goes with which set of pages. This 1947 issue has a pattern for a really pretty lacy bedjacket. I've been considering making one for loafing around in as my Victorian house can get quite cold in winter.

I also discovered that Mrs Stokes, a vintage china retailer, is going to be having an afternoon tea event in my nearest big city, Bath. One of the magazines at work has bought cups from her to use as props. Anyway, my hair has lost what Cheryl Cole would call its mawjaw so I thought going to the tea party would be fun and possibly get me some pointers as to where I can find a salon locally that can do vintage styles. I'm a bit nervous about going as I am not really sure what to wear, and some of my workmates are thinking of going too. This could be the green Mary dress' first outing!


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