Scavenger Hunt!

Land Girl 1980 has challenged me to a scavenger hunt. I have to find and post things. Because I'm not very good at using the interweb, and I don't want to find myself stealing anyone's bandwidth or infringing copyrights, I'll mostly be posting links.

Your favourite YouTube video
It's not on YouTube, but this Flickr video of a Pallas kitten and a domestic kitten always makes me smile.

A pic of something that will make people go 'aaaw'
My husband took this picture of a rabbit at Lacock.

A funny T-shirt
What can I say? I don't wear T-shirts (and it's also been nearly 20 years since I stopped wearing jeans) but I do like cricket. If I did wear T-shirts, this is good.

Something geeky
I freelance for these chaps. Professionally geeky!

An image from your favourite film

A picture of something on your wishlist
I don't really have a wishlist. I would like to travel more, though…

(This is part of the Plaza de Espana, built in Seville to promote trade between Spain and America. The Expo was in 1929, the year of the Wall Street Crash. Trade was not stimulated, but the park, and the wonderful buildings in it remain.)


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