Crinoline Robot's vintage week

As you've probably worked out by now, I don't live a vintage lifestyle as such, I just like old stuff. Here's what's been grabbing my attention this week.

Books: I'm reading The 12:30 from Croydon by Freeman Wills Crofts, in the form of a rather battered green vintage Penguin picked up at the Oxfam bookshop. I won't précis it here, but I'm always surprised that this writer's books haven't been reprinted more or made into television programmes. I've never even heard of one being broadcast on Radio 7.

Knitting: Have cast on Such Flattering Puff Sleeves from A Stitch in Time Vol 1. I was having trouble deciding between this and another couple of designs, but this one doesn't require anything beneath it and should do for work. I'm using a green with a bit less blue in it than the one in the picture. I have a lot of train travel to do one day next week, and as this is all rib with no shaping to the armholes it should be simple enough to knit on the journey.

I have also been very excited at the future launch of A Stitch in Time 2, and should be seeing some of the garments from it at The Knitting & Stitching Show next week. I'll be sure to tell you all about it either next Friday or next weekend.

Film: A week of bad things. Tony Curtis has died – I adore Some Like it Hot, even if the costumes aren't as 20s as I'd like – and some idiot is making a film version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and they're talking about Gary Oldman playing George Smiley. Short, fat, besepectacled yet razor-sharp George Smiley. I still don't believe anyone could better Sir Alec Guinness in the BBC television version from the late 1970s, but they could at least let Anthony Hopkins have a go. George Smiley is one of my literary heroes, along with Miss Marple and Paul Temple and Steve and Nick and Nora.


  1. Hey! I am ALSO going to the Kinitting & Stitching thingy-bob! I can't knit - so its more about the Stitching for me :)

  2. Which day will you be there? I'll be there on the Thursday, on the Future Publishing stand for most of the day although I'm hoping to get an hour or two to wander round. I'm so excited about Susan showing off some of the designs from the second volume of ASIT.

    I wish I could sew! I think I've finally persuaded Mr R that we could have room for a sewing machine - and he said of his own free will, "What you need is one of the really old ones that are hand-turned and come built into a little table. WHY YES!

  3. Alas - the Sunday. Thats a real shame - would have been nice to meet for a natter and a "oooh i wish i could make things like that" session!
    Ha ha - if i ever see one of those sewing machines - I will let you know! Personally - i would want one for decorations sake. I like my new fangled electric one too much.


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