Charity shopping only!

I really need to stay away from Etsy. I bought another dress yesterday, despite the fact that I've yet to wear either my raspberry-print Swirl or my turquoise linen dress out in public yet. I've rationalised it by telling myself it was a Horrockses and I got some money for my birthday (conveniently overlooking all the other stuff I've bought because I got some money for my birthday).

So, I'm making myself a mini resolution. A New Season Resolution, if you like. I'm not going to buy any more clothes on Etsy before September. I'm going to try not to buy any more new clothes at all, shoes and underwear aside (I do need new shoes and chuddies, and those aren't things you can do without). It's charity shops only until September for skirts, tops and other upper layers.

And I'll have the turquoise dress in an outfit post for you at the end of the month, as it's what I plan to wear to Vintage Sunday and the Secret Tea Party, part of Bath Fashion Week. I don't think I'll be doing the charleston in it, though. Well, I might...


  1. I actually found TWO pairs of shoes today (Clarks) that fit and were comfy......just couldn't leave them in the shop! I have a rule that anything I buy now must go with at least 2 things that I already have, plugging the gaps shoping you could call it. X

  2. Oh yeah, I know the 'I'll spend my seemingly inexhaustible birthday money' thing! Although I really DO need clothes. Horrockses you say? Looking forward to the outfit post.

    I'm following now, bookmarked the other day and am now trying to catch up with everyone!


  3. Paperdoll, if the shoe fits, then buy it! ;) Plugging the wardrobe gaps is a good idea. I looked at my clothes this morning and realised I could just label the gap in mine 'summer clothes'.

    Lakota, I think it was the fact it was Horrockses that did it - I've read so much about them and wished I could have one of my own, and now I have one! Or will, when the postie delivers it.


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