Easy hooded scarf

Yes, it's rubbish photo time again! Rubbish photo, but a very nice knit: 'Miss Laverty's Motoring Hood' from Susan Crawford's book Vintage Gifts to Knit. You can buy the pattern over at Knit on the Net, and see some much better photos of Susan's original one being worn.

This was the big item for my Odd Ducks Vintage and Kitsch swap, and there were times when I thought myself an idiot for knitting a scarf in 1x1 rib. (Non-knitters, that's a tedious stitch to work, but knits up thick and flat when used for a scarf like this.) It would make a brilliant pattern for a new knitter, though, as it's mostly straight with no complicated stitches, but you'll get something a lot nicer than a conventional scarf when you're done. The hood is made separately, with a little shaping, and then sewn on afterwards.

I knitted it in the last of my Rowan Cashsoft 4ply, so it's really lovely and soft. The recipient seems very pleased with it - she rarely has time to knit for herself, so I wanted to spoil her.

In other knitting news, I'll be working on the knitting stand at Stitch & Craft at Olympia this weekend. Do drop by and say 'Hello' if you're at the show.

And Paperdoll has given me a blog award, the Liebster blog award. I'm always really pleased when people like my blog, I write it to please myself but it's lovely to know other people like it too.


  1. The colour on this scarf is lovely! X

  2. Oh my. My most favoritest shade of green!! Can't wait to see it upon your bonce!

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for teaching me to knit yesterday! I love your blog and posted a thank you on my blog beautyllb.blogspot.co.uk I am totally in love with knitting!


  4. Hi Miss Beauty! Thank you for letting me teach you - I'm a rubbish teacher, so the people I teach usually need more patience than I do ;) If you ever do a red lippie review, please let me know.


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