On the radio: Dashiell Hammett, Secret Agent X-9

I missed the start of this on Radio 7, but thanks to the BBC iPlayer if you've missed it too you can catch up on Hammett's secret agent story with ease. It's a typical 1930s action story, complete with a kidnapped girl and a criminal mastermind, although after reading Bulldog Drummond, watching Dick Barton: Special Agent and listening to Paul Temple it's quite refreshing to have an American adventure story for a change. I like getting in to listen to something like this on the radio, it gives me something look forward to each evening.

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  1. Coincidence alert! I was just checking my laptop while plugging in the Bose box to listen to Maltese Falcon (from Sunday) while I iron. X-9 will be next. I love Radio 7 too - i-player radio (but not tv) works in France, as well, so never have to miss Hancock! :)


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