Been shopping at Vintage Nostalgia...

Well, I'm back from Vintage Nostalgia! I got quite badly sunburned yesterday, so now I'm hiding inside in the shade. (I have to confess, I got a bit stroppy with my husband, because I'd asked him to tell me if I looked like burning, so getting back to the tent and discovering my shoulders matched my coral dress - and hurt - turned me into a five-minute diva.) You'll have to wait a day or so for proper photos from the event as Mr Robot's taken better photos than me but he hasn't got them off the camera yet. In the mean time, I thought I'd share a few of my purchases.
It probably looks like I've bought a lot, and I did indeed take plenty of money, but that's because last year I was really impressed with the things people were selling and wished I'd had more cash with me. In the end, I didn't spend as much as I could have.

Three books: two 1950s crime novels, and a 1939 film annual
First up, books! I'm a sucker for crime novels with lurid covers, and can never pass up a reasonably-priced film book either. I could have bought more crime novels but as I have a reading backlog that's probably a couple of feet high, I settled for just two. The film book is missing one page of film star portraits, but that's it. All the pages are mono, and I guess that's saved it from being mauled too badly - I've got full-colour film annuals from the 1950s in much worse states.
Four vintage magazines: one copy of Vogue Knitting, and three of Astounding Science Fiction

Then magazines. I got a couple of issues of Astounding Science Fiction from a stallholder last year, and I really hoped he'd be back. Happily he was! The older copy of Astounding and the Vogue Knitting came from him. He had an older copy of Vogue Knitting, but I wasn't sure I should get both, so I went for the one that contained things I might actually knit and wear, rather than the one other people would want. The newer copy of Astounding and Analog - which is what Astounding became in the 1960s - came from the same stall as the crime novels.
Some vintage buttons, two rock and roll CDs, and a Besame lipstick

Random purchases. I've given up fighting the 'Robot' part of Crinoline Robot; I like science fiction and old horror films and The Addams Family and things like that, so how could I resist a whole CD full of late 1950s/early 1960s monster songs? And it doesn't contain the usual suspects like 'The Monster Mash', 'Purple People Eater' or 'Flying Saucer Rock 'n' Roll' either. For all I know it's going to be rubbish, but I had to have it. The buttons were two packs for the price of one, and by choosing two sets in similar colours I got a matching lot of one type of button. And there's a Besame lipstick in Carmine. I'd wanted to try a Besame lippie for ages, but £20+ would be a lot to spend on something by mail order if it turned out to be unsatisfactory. Both the lady on the Vintage Hair Lounge stall and Pete reckoned this was my colour, though I'm wishing I'd stuck to my guns and got a deep winey-red Merlot instead.

The other two things I got were a poufy white petticoat to go under the coral dress - you'll see that when I bung up my event pics - and a print day dress, which I reckon is 1960s. I got that cheap as the armpits have been torn and not well repaired. However, it has a soft self fabric belt, so I reckon I can shorten that my a couple of inches and use those inches to patch the pits. It's currently in the wash with a load of Oxy; I'll fill you in on the repairs as I do them.

So, that was my shopping! Have you had a fun weekend too? (Hopefully without sunburn...)


  1. Oh you poor thing, sunburn's the worst!! I would have been a diva too. Hope you're healing up okay now.

    I would have made a bee-line for lurid covered crime novels too! They're fab, you'll have to let me know whether any of them are any good. Sounds like you did well with other purchases also, will look forward to seeing pics of you all dressed up too.

    Glad you had a good weekend, despite the burning!! x

    1. It's been a bit sore, but not so bad now.

      Trashy novels are my weakness. I suspect the authors probably disappear into obscurity for a good reason, but I enjoy a properly awful vintage book. (It's the only thing that can explain my growing Edgar Wallace collection...)

  2. Great pile of finds, sounds like a good day out. Except for the sunburn, I sympathise, my husband thinks I am part vampire as I burn after 5 minutes in the sun!

    1. It was great! My mum's a redhead and fries like you; I burn but will go brown later.

  3. Ouch, I have reddish hair and transparent skin, so I don't do sun!
    My Granny used to make a lotion from lettuce when we were burned as kids.

    Always fun to come away with a god haul from somewhere like that, sounds like fun.

    1. Lettuce lotion actually sounds like it should be soothing. Did you get the recipe?

      I will actually go brown later, despite being normally quite pale. I'm not keen on tan lines, though, and these ones are going to be horribly clear...


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