Get your game on!

It's too late for Fingermouse, but if we give
Arfon a reason to pick up his pens, we may yet
save the Clangers.
This is possibly not the normal sort of thing I talk about on the Robot, but I cover plenty of steampunk, so it does fit in. The Heart of Sut is a steampunk RPG card game, with mechanics by Chris Phillips, story by James Richardson-Brown and artwork by Arfon Jones (The Destroyer of Your Childhood, or at least taxidermist of Wombles and Fingermice...). The story behind it is that it's 1865, and six adventurers are traversing the Sahara in search of the Heart of Sut, a fabled jewel. The mechanics are all worked out, so now they've set up an Indiegogo site to help get it manufactured. If you fancy forwarding the cause of steam, support The Heart of Sut on Indiegogo. If you're into card games it's worth going for at least the Adventurer package because then you get a signed copy of the game.

Having played card games*, although not to any decent standard, I'll be chipping in. And no, I'm getting no sponsorship, kickbacks or other such things from this. I made my new year's resolution to buy more buttons, but I've realised that at the speed I knit I'll be up to my ears in buttons before I've finished one cardigan, so have decided to put a little bit into kickstarting things that sound interesting instead, doing a tiny bit to help people make the most of their creativity and ideas. Fortuitously this came along at the time I'd decided to change my resolution!

*I'm serious. Ask me about my foil Harry Potter card. I HAVE ONE! I think I might have a holographic Severus Snape too. Both from 1991. I have the full set of the first run of the Harry Potter CCG. Ah, the nerdery...


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