Cardigans: srs subject is srs!

I really like this. I can definitely
see one of these in my future!

Okay, cardigans are really quite a frivolous subject. But I've got a big something-to-wear-over-navy gap in my wardrobe and thought that I'd knit a navy cardi now I'd finished the gold jumper. Because it's good to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while, I thought I'd put away my Susan Crawford books and dig out my late 50s/ early 60s Vogue Knitting books. I opted for those as they did multi-sized patterns including some in my size, and the 1960s straight-up-and-down look is actually quite flattering to moderate apple figures like mine where there's very little waist definition.
There is a lot of mustard in my 1960s knitting
books. A good time to be a redhead...

Well, as Obi-Wan might have said (except he's never around to tell you when you need him, the git), these were not the cardigans I was looking for. I've already got a pack of navy 4ply, limiting my options, and in the 1960s synthetic fibres became trendy because they meant you could have a super-thick yarn that wasn't really heavy and didn't take days to dry, so there were lots of patterns that wouldn't work at all with the yarn I've got. The cardigans I could find were very plain and utilitarian, and I'd like to make something a bit more special than a boxy knit with pockets so those were out. I found some absolutely ripping little suits that I'm keen to knit, but my quest for a cardigan pattern continues. Tonight I grit my teeth, go back to the Stitchcrafts and older knitting books and prepare for some serious maths...

In the meantime, enjoy some 1960s knitted prettiness.


  1. Hope you find a great pattern soon. :)

    I love that chunky roll neck. Only without the balaclava!


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