Another 1930s knitted beret

Tadaaah! A new hat!

I've made the Sunday Pictorial Beret from Susan Crawford and Jane Waller's book A Stitch in Time Volume 2 before, but that was for someone else as part of a vintage swap. I've now knitted one for myself using the last of my blue Sublime Merino 4ply (well, I've got one ball left, but that's not really enough to so something on its own). This is one of my favourite yarns and I knew it would knit up beautifully. I added a contrast edging and bows to my hat using a red yarn – I'm not sure what the red is, but it feels like a wool 4ply. I originally fancied making the beret in navy and red, but I only have 10 balls of the navy and am planning to use those for a cardigan, so couldn't afford to lose two on a hat. It seemed an ideal way to finish up the blue.

This reminds me a lot of classic military berets in that all the fullness is at the front while the back is comparatively flat. The red edging is half-hidden at the front, but you can see it and the red part of the trim at the back.

The Sunday Pictorial Beret would make a great pattern for a new knitter to try as it's incredibly simple, using only a couple of stitches.


  1. Oh, beautiful! I really love the color and the bow... I need to learn to knit.

  2. Wow gorgeous beret! I love the colours you've chosen!!

    I have just finished knitting this pattern, as a stash buster for some Rowan Cashsoft, but I just cannot seem to get the flipping bows to look right at all (bit droopy!?) they certainly don't look as good as yours, I think Ill try again:)

  3. Wendy, it could be the cashsoft doing it. A lot of vintage patterns use milinery wire; I'm sure if you got some very thin wire you could use that in the bows - DMC Memory Wire for crafting is good stuff, I used it to stiffen a knitted silk flower.

    1. Wonderful! I shall seek some out and give it a go :)

  4. What a great little beret- I want one so much! I'm really going to have to get my knitting needles out and learn properly. I can knit scarves (straight lines essentially), but just can't seem to get my head around anything else! xxx

  5. Thanks Rosie! That pattern would be a good place to start as you only need to know how to do 5 things - cast on, knit, knit into the front and back of a stitch, knit two together and cast off. If you can do scarves you can definitely make one of these.


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