I've been a bad blogger. Well, not exactly: I've been away in Norfolk seeing my mum, her chap and – most importantly ;) – their kittens, and was too lazy to preprepare posts to go live while I was there. Anyway, Mr R and I also spent a couple of nights in Norwich and had a jolly good time, only the portions of food we ate in restaurants were huge, so we ended up unable to drink any more and had to retire early each night. Ay caramba! We did not do much of vintage interest, unless you count a little bit of shopping, but all I bought was vintage buttons. When you don't know what to buy, buy buttons, they'll come in handy sooner or later.

It was jolly cold, much colder than darkest Wiltshire. If you're venturing up to the flatlands, definitely pack something nice and woolly. I was very glad of my tweed skirt, Madeira jumper and beret!


  1. Ack. You are not a bad blogger at all :) And hurrah for cold weather! It has been a looooong time coming!


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