Vintage Christmas: events in Trowbridge

Now, I know Trowvegas may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine. It's not cute, or quaint. In fact, in the early 19th century it was described as 'The Manchester of the West'. However, it does still have some vintage life in it, and usually much more cheaply than in Bath or the cutesier nearby towns.

This December the Arc Theatre has two events that I think are worth noting, 'A Duke Ellington Christmas' on the 17th, with James Lambeth doing many of the great man's best-loved songs, and a showing of It's A Wonderful Life on the 20th. Full-price tickets for the former are £10.50 (£8 for concessions). For the film, you'll pay £2.50. Yes, two and a half of your British pounds. For a bigger screen than most venues in Bath, and in a location which sells beer and cider. As I said, it's a great-value town...

Looking ahead, DS Big Band is back in January. An evening of jazz classics for £8. "There must be some catch!" I hear you cry. Well, yes. Thanks to financial difficulties at the college it's attached to, plans are for the Arc to close to the general public, which is a crying shame. Grab your chance for a cheap night out while it's still there! (There's a petition to keep it open here.)


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