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A quick heads-up: tomorrow night on Radio 4 Extra are the first episodes of Death on the Nile (8pm) and Rogue Justice.

Death on the Nile needs no introduction. Rogue Justice is by Geoffrey Household and is the follow-up to Rogue Male. If you've never heard the radio version of Rogue Male or read the book, do so. Rogue Male was written in 1939, and in it a British sportsman sets out to shoot a European dictator, fails and is pursued back to Britain by the dictator's agents. It's gripping and tense. I have to say, Rogue Justice, written in the 1980s, doesn't ring as true as the earlier book, but you might find it interesting.

There's also classic comedy every night at 7, a different show each time including Round the Horne and The Goon Show.


  1. love radio drama, was reintroduced to it recently whilst recovering from an operation.


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