Jersey with a Soft Bow: the progress so far

Here is where my Jersey with a Soft Bow has got to. I've got the back finished, and this is my progress up the front. I started it in April. Not very good progress, eh?

In fairness I have made a great many other things in that time, all of which has thrown off progress on the jumper. There was a retro breakfast set, and a B-movie inspired werewolf balaclava and mitts. There was a steampunk swap, for which I knitted a shawlette and fingerless gloves, and made a little doll and a necklace. (I'd never made jewellery before. There's nothing like a swap for pushing you.) Then there were charity berets, and I'm currently trying to finish a blanket in support of domestic violence charity Refuge. It's a campaign we're supporting at work, and I felt I should try to do a blanket myself - I won't ask our readers to commit to something I'm not prepared to do.

So all that has left the Jersey with a Soft Bow looking rather sorry for itself, and feeling neglected at the bottom of my craft basket by my chair. And now the weather's turning cold and the jumper is laughing at me, because knitters who don't finish their WIPs (Works In Progress) have to shiver all winter! One the blanket is out of the way, I'll crack on with it.


  1. I think it look super! I love the colour - will look right nice with a brooch! I know what you mean about WIP's - I am at the moment, ploughing on with a present I was meant to have finished for my Aunts 40th - 6yrs ago. Opps. She shall have it this xmas - in 6 layers of birthday paper. I hope that makes you feel better about your jumper!

  2. That's going to be so beautiful when it's done. Just keep at it and you'll get there sooner than you imagine. You can do it Mim!


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