Arfon's womble, Guy's book

Mr Jones has done it again! I loved his frozen dinosaurs at Waltz on the Wye. His latest scientific exhibit is a stuffed and mounted creature he found wandering on Wimbledon Common. You can see pictures, including the card describing this rare and unusual beastie, over at Musing via the Neuro-Mitter. It was on show at the Asylum, the UK's biggest steampunk event (which I did not get to go to, BOO!)

If you're in Bath today, SF journalist and author Guy Haley will be doing signings of Reality 36 from 12-2. I haven't got my copy yet, so will be heading along (assuming Mr R is up for the drive). Artificial intelligence Richards is modelled on the Marlowe sort of PI, so I am hoping for good retro things in that future.


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