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Mr Robot has gone into work today in his Laird London fedora. He's expecting his workmates to take the mickey, but I think he looks super. He was hoping to look a bit Bogie, I reckon the overall effect is more rat pack, but either way it's a good look. I can definitely recommend Laird London for service if, like me, you're out in the sticks with nary a hatter in sight. I bought the hat for his birthday, ordered the wrong size, and they exchanged it for me without charging extra postage.

Also, if you're eagerly awaiting the launch of A Stitch in Time 2, the issue of The Knitter currently on sale comes with one of the patterns, the Jan Sweater. You can see a piccy over at KnitontheNet. The design is knitted in Excelana, the vintage-style yarn Susan Crawford has developed with John Arbon Textiles. If you're in the south-west and want to see the yarn in person, they have some in stock at Marmalade Yarns in Frome. I was there last night and really chuffed to see it on shelves! Marmalade Yarns is on the same street as a number of interesting-looking shops, so I will have to head off there and do you a shopping report.

Finally, my hits on this blog have taken a big leap. I have no idea why. Anyone else experiencing the same? I'm wondering if it's a Blogger thing.


  1. Maybe the leap is just lots of people discovering you? Sometimes it just takes a certain amount of time before a snowballing happens. Congratulations!

  2. Yes! and it's weird I had 156 hits yesterday and 300 odd the day before!?!

  3. Maybe Blogger has changed how it tracks things. Most of mine are coming on from Landgirl, but I can't work out why – it's not as though she's put up a 'Visit Crinoline Robot' post or anything.

  4. I'm with Blogger and haven't had a leap (though I track through Google Analytics). Most of mine seem to come from Ravelry though.

  5. lol same here, most of mine seem to be Landgirl too, maybe she's stalking us!


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