A bar in a trunk! Now that's luggage.

Looking for something to give your home that 'Victorian Exporer' feel, or just some bits and bobs that make it clear that a Chap of Action dwells there? Today I was shown just the place to find those things.

Mr Robot has been in search of a gimbal for making a steampunk smoking device. (I am convinced he's going to set his clothes on fire, but we will deal with husband brulée when it happens, and I shall try to persuade him to wear wool when he tests it as wool doesn't burn well.) Anyway, brass gimbals seem really hard to find. I don't like breaking up perfectly good vintage items, and I've been unable to find a broken ship's binnacle compass that would do the job. Mentioned it to my Dad, who's a nifty car booter, and he sent me a link to a French company called Authentic Models. They did indeed have just the sort of compass I was looking for, but so much more too.

How about a bar in a trunk, for all your alcohol-dripping travel needs? If you're not quite that keen on a tipple, they have whole collections of stateroom and campaign furniture. Pen sets and model zeppelins, globes and compasses, cinema seats and sextants. I want it all. Happy browsing!


  1. Thanks for the Vanish tip I shall give it a go.

  2. " husband brulée " - ha ha ha ha!!! I have just bought a steam trunk from a house clearance place. Need to give it a proper clean and then decide what to put in it! Hmmm... booze!!

  3. Oooh, Landgirl, proper steam trunk? *Has envy* Maybe it could house your headscarves.

    Miss Magpie, Vanish Upholserty Cleaner is great for things that can't be washed easily. I use it on all sorts of things.


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